B.Larkin aka WildBill

B.Larkin aka WildBill

 Bedford, Texas, USA

I am a fan of a fan. This is the beginning of the beginning!


Wild Bill now age 29 residing in Humble North Houston, TX hailing from Jasper, TX is finally realizing his dreams of Exposure for Jasper's talent. Also he is one step away from gaining access to his yearly claim to Entertainment Executive and Mogul status. He also goes by B.Larkin and has a team of specialist who keeps him focused and on track daily. B.Larkin aka Wild Bill is a Singer,Songwriter, Producer/Raw Materials Director, Poet, and Musician. Soon to be a fashion designer, actor, and long time dreams of Pro Wrestling. Mr. Larkin knows that his brand, his visions, his abilities, drive, and determination seperates him from upcoming artist during this point in time.He is rapidly learning how to network with fans, and is on his toes about getting deals.


I Never Ever

Written By: Billy Larkin

I Never Ever Wanna hurt cha babe, so promise that we'll always be!


"The Streetz" produced by Rio The Suproducer written by B.Larkin aka Wild Bill

"Strictly bout my money" produced by Rio The Suproducer written by B.Larkin aka WildBill

"I Never Ever" by B.Larkin

Set List

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