Blaster And The Beaks

Blaster And The Beaks

 Kitchener, Ontario, CAN

A two-man group with the power and energy of a full band. Two guitars, two amps, a microphone, and a laptop used together to create a unique sound and stage performance that stands out from the rest.


Blaster And The Beaks are a two man group out of Waterloo, Ontario. Composed of Noah Bates (Blaster) and Greg Becotte (Beaks), they began playing music together while classmates at University of Waterloo's School of Pharmacy. They have a mix of their own original material, as well as their own cover versions of many popular songs.
Two dudes, two guitars, two amps, and a laptop form the power and energy of a full band, which creates a dynamic stage presence.


EP Number 1

Set List

Depends on the type of show.

Original material is typically played for a band showcase or promotion.

Covers are generally played at events for specific bars, or shows for friends, school faculty, paid event.