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When you combine Blastphumis’ imaginative, catchy lyrics and the unconventional beats of DJ Awkward Silence you get a captivating sound that will lead you into a whole new dimension of hip-hop music.


Blastphumis is a recording artist, skateboarder, and actor out of Washington, D.C. but began his artistic career in his hometown of Los Angeles at the age of 13. He is the founder of the D.C. based entertainment company PHATAL INDUSTRIES ( which is comprised of PHATAL RECORDS, PHATAL FILMS and PHATAL SK8BOARDS. A graduate of D.C.'s Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Blastphumis has worked with other local recording hip-hop artists such as Yung E, Gypc and Mbea da 1 of Likeblood Entertainment, Sim City, David "Professor" Burl, Deja Belle, EZ Jackson of Soul Cannon and others. When he isn't skating at Freedom Plaza he is in the studio or out performing and networking with the rest of the Phatal team. His debut EP with Phatal Records is entitled "Smoke" with the LP "Mirrors" to follow.

DJ Awkward Silence is a D.C. native and also a graduate of Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Awkward Silence has accumulated a variety of artist experience in music, acting, directing, and writing since he was young. Although previously dabbling in electronic music, he began seriously producing hip-hop instrumentals after hearing his close friend Blastphumis’ first recorded tracks. Raised in the digital age, Awkward Silence makes his music using Garage Band and a shareware waveform editor. He’s been deeply grateful to work with local D.C. rap artists like Blastphumis and Likeblood.


SMOKE EP - listen at: