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The best kept secret in music


"Blatant Review"

Joey D'Angelo of BLATANT is a San Francisco based artist who's band has been on the scene for about two and a half years. The Boys of Blatant have played in just about every venue SF has to offer. Their music has been described as a happy go lucky, mischievous, sentimental blend of punk rock. Their influences include Face to Face, Slick Shoes, Unwritten Law, and Boxcar Racer/Blink 182. Their on stage presence can be compared to that of unruly, yet intelligent 8th graders. When performing, audience members are urged to join in, get on stage and help with any of the lyrics that they might know…
- Milestone Mediaworks

"Blatant Review"

I listened to the CD and was happy with what I heard. The stand out was the title song Boy In The Mirror, the bass comes through very well and the drums aren't always leading the beat. The Blink 182 sound isn't that bad (if your going to sound like another band make sure it's a good band). Technically the band sounds great and for 4 guys that have played together for only 4 years, they have a good start. I must say I had to listen to “Sometimes” once more.

This tracks lyrics were very catchy! The lead guitar also just helps get this track jumping. Now I could “bag” on the remake of “Don't You (Forget About Me)”, yet I'll pass. “Drawers” is surprising, great harmony with the voices guys, there was actually some feeling there.

"For Any Pop Punk Lover, Buy This!"

Smart, snotty, tight, immature… all these terms can be used to describe the overall sound and attitude of San Francisco’s Blatant. The most noticeable influence is Blink 182. However, there may be some shades of other groups such as a more polished All Systems Go. The standouts are Drawers and Sometimes due to the fact that they stray farther from the pop punk cookie cutter.

They have self proclaimed themselves to be the best new band out of San Francisco. While that may be considered arrogance by some, I have to think that if the band believes it, then so will others.

"Listener Review"

Never before have I ever listened to a CD where every single song was great! This CD is amazing!! These guys will go far with music like this. I have never loved so many songs off of one CD! - CD Baby

"Listener Review"

These guys put on a KICK ASS SHOW. I had to buy the album! The CD is awesome. 8 page insert, full color, wait till you see what is on the CD itself. Nice work boys! I'll be at your next show for sure! - CD Baby

"Listener Review"

This band ROCKS. I havent heard anything this good come out of San Francisco in a long long time. I look forward to seeing them live and the bigger and better things that this band certainly has in their future! - CD Baby

"Listener Review"

Kick ASS! The boys of Blatant have really put it together with this CD. The music absolutely KICKS ASS! Check it out... - CD Baby


Boy In The Mirror--2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Blatant: without any attempt at concealment; completely obvious.

After years of playing in dumpy San Francisco venues and several line up changes, BLATANT has responded with the release of Boy In The Mirror. Armed with nothing more than videotapes of shows and poorly recorded demos, frontman Joey D’Angelo partnered with San Jose based producers Gene Englegau and Miles Ito of Milestone Mediaworks. Eight months and 12 songs later, Boy In The Mirror was completed with D’Angelo playing every instrument on the album with the exception of percussion.

Armed with a full fledged radio-ready studio album, BLATANT was joined by veteran South African guitarist Daniel Posthumos, the ever vigilant, PHD equipped bassist Frank Brazile, and San Diego transplant, Jason Forrest on drums. The four-piece combines to form one of the tightest, most powerful punk rock bands to hail from San Francisco in years. Playing only select venues in San Francisco, BLATANT belts out their powerful, comical, yet always uplifting songs to audiences eager for something other than the typical Bay Area noise.

Regardless of how one chooses to describe BLATANT’s powerful melodies and “stick in your head” choruses, these ingredients clearly prove that there is a new musical gene pool in the Bay Area worthy of recognition. “I can remember playing at Kimo’s on a Tuesday night for six people,” muses D’Angelo, “but it’s taught me how to respect the music industry and the ladder that everyone climbs…it might just be that we are the guys that have to keep climbing forever, but we’ll always get better at what we do!” Bass player Frank Brazile adds, “having played in bands all over the United States and having toured all over Europe, the music on our album just will not leave my damn head!”

BLATANT’s music genuinely lifts the spirits of both young and old fans alike. Their work hard, say what you want, and do what you feel approach to music translates directly to their performances. Joey D’Angelo is never afraid to say what’s on his mind and engage audiences. Stages at any given BLATANT show become crowded with audience members eager to climb up and sing alongside the band. “I always tell people that they can join us on stage anytime and help us with the choruses, and its always so cool when people do, and they know how to sing them, when to sing them, and before we’ve even played them!” says D’Angelo.

Joey D’Angelo – Vocals & Guitar
Daniel Posthumos – Guitar
Frank Brazile – Bass
Jason Forrest – Drums