Blatant Disarray

Blatant Disarray

 Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Blatant Disarray incorporate thrashing riffs, bewildering guitar solos, and m vocals with beautiful neo-classical dual guitar passages and uniquely syncopated breakdowns. This Malotov cocktail of impressive musicianship and energetic live presence explodes on stage


Blatant Disarray is a thrash metal band that formed in 1999 in Raleigh, NC. Founded out of their mutual love for the early 80’s thrash metal scene, four friends set out to rock the world one metalhead at a time. Their unique sound incorporates Bay Area style thrash/speed metal with melodic and dynamic vocals, aggressive syncopated breakdowns, progressive chord work and virtuosic guitar solos.

Two EPs, two full-length CDs, and 200+ shows later, Blatant Disarray is road hardened and ready to send a shockwave through the metal scene all over the world! Armed with an arsenal full of razor sharp songs that rip through you like a masterfully made katana, and a live show that takes you back to the days of headbanging and circle pits, Blatant Disarray is poised and ready to make an impact in the music industry that no true metalhead will be able to ignore!

We have already shared the stage with many great metal acts, including Lamb Of God, WASP, Lacuna Coil, Shadows Fall, Anthrax, Joey Belladonna, Metal Church, Vital Remains, Suffocation, Strapping Young Lad, Daylight Dies, Body Count and Confessor, and we’re ready to thrash it up with many more!


Nine Days' Wonder

Written By: Tim Worrell

Under the smoldering blackness I see
One innocent heart, yearning to be free
Mere dreams of joy and love
Fade away into the shadows of
A bitter World, sweet to the sight
Respect dealt to what’s wrong, not what’s right
None are whom they appear to be
A virtueless shell, Crucify me!

Nine days I wandered the sky
Penance was waiting for me
Just like I knew it would be

A candle once reminded me of my life
Burning bright: insight into obscurity
Now snuffed: stoned with strife
Melting into Disconformity
Outside our endless sphere of sight
Angels fly above where stars burn bright
Hearts beat, rebels yell
But many forlorn souls, they burn in hell!


Falling into the void of life
There are no soft stones at rock bottom


Number One Disaster

Written By: Schaefer

Feelin' fine once again I tell a lie
What you don't know won't hurt you
Stay outta my life I'm in control
Your opinion will be given to you

In these times we try to fight
Into the night
All of my hopes fade away
Gone out of sight

Stuck in a rut, again I'm
Fendin' for myself
Cut out my lungs to spite
Breathin' the dead air

Look at me: Number One Disaster
Feel the eyes grief, greed, and shame
Don't pull the plug, not goin' out like this
You're gonna find out you're to blame

In the times we try and fight
Gone out of sight

Chorus x 2

A Righteous Rant

Written By: Mike Schaefer

Fighting life, fighting time
Fighting all your inner lies
As I vent, this false repent
All my anger sure to rise
End all tonight
Won't see my anger, feel my anger, witness my demise

See the Psycho, watch his mind go
See the Psycho, watch his mind go

Damned for pride
You can't kill what's not alive
Until I can righteously rant
All my anger sure to rise
End all tonight, won't see my anger, feel my anger
Ohhh! As the sheep flock with the herd
Poison the well, as they die a laugh is heard


And all I see inside of you



Blatant Disarray "Self-Titled" E.P. Release Date: April 17th, 2002

Blatant Disarray Tour Promo. Release Date: July 26th, 2003

Frexon Zo/Blatant Disarray Split CD. Release Date: May 23rd, 2004

Manipulation EP. Release date Oct. 2006

"Everyone Dies Alone" (First full length album) Released March 16th, 2010 on Tribunal Records

All Songs have had consistent airplay on:
Snakenet Metal Radio, WKNC 88.1 FM (NCSU College Radio Station), WBBB 96.1 FM (Raleigh Modern Rock Station), WBZB 1090 AM (Local Music Radio)

Set List

We can play up to an hour and a half of originals and have many covers in our arsenal.