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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States | INDIE

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States | INDIE
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""Everyone Dies Alone" Review"

Is there any doubt that thrash metal is making a major comeback? Between “The Big Four” performances, strong recent material from veteran bands (Testament and Overkill, in particular), retro bands like Toxic Holocaust and Municipal Waste, and exciting modern bands like Skeletonwitch and Warbringer, the thrash revival is inescapable. One of the more promising of the new breed of thrash metal bands is Raleigh, NC-based Blatant Disarray. The band, which features members of black metal band Dreamscapes of the Perverse, plays old school thrash metal with a thoroughly modern energy and classic production.

Everyone Dies Alone is the band’s long-awaited first full-length album, and it’s an absolute feast for thrash metal devotees, especially those who revere – as Blatant Disarray obviously does – classic bands like Testament, Metallica, Megadeth and to some extent Slayer. Wicked fast riffs are paired with intricate guitar solos, and Mike Schaefer’s vocals bring to mind Chuck Billy and James Hetfield’s more aggressive days. There’s also a technical element to these songs. Not necessarily progressive, but technical nonetheless. Production was handled by John Custer who produced several classic Corrosion of Conformity albums, and you do get that Blind/Deliverance vibe at times listening to this album.

Highlights of Everyone Dies Alone include “Down and Out,” “Eye Fortune” and especially the title track, but the whole album is guaranteed to induce headbanging.

If thrash is your thing, Everyone Dies Alone is a must-have album. There aren’t a lot of bands that can pull off such a classic sound without sounding trite or gimmicky, but Blatant Disarray does it, and quite well. It’s not hard to imagine this promising band becoming the standard bearers for the new wave of thrash metal.

Edition Notes: The CD version of Everyone Dies Alone features three previously unreleased bonus tracks – “Nine Days Wonder,” “Number One Disaster” and “Manipulation” – that were originally intended for an EP release that never materialized. These songs are not available in MP3 format, which makes the CD version the better purchase – a rarity in this age of digital music.

- Hardrock Haven

""Everyone Dies Alone" Review"

The music industry has been looking for a group with the intestinal fortitude to take up the torch once held by Bay Area legends Metallica for years. As a result, record companies and business execs have shamelessly heralded this band and that band as the next big “M.” But alas, most of their hand-picked new age icons fell short of their and, more importantly, our expectations. Then along came Blatant Disarray.

Now who knows if these Raleigh, North Carolina metallers are the next Metallica. What we do know is that Blatant Disarray is one hell of a primal force to be reckoned with. What you won’t find on this CD is regurgitated riffs from “Master of Puppets,” or “And Justice...” What you will get, however, is pure unadulterated thrash metal that combines equal parts of Testament, Shadows Fall, and yes, Metallica.

From the opening track “Undetermined,” which is a great thrash throwback that conjures images of Testament, to the powerful mid tempo “Everyone Dies Alone,” this disc grabs your attention and never lets you go. Now to be honest, I think the main thing that reminds me of Testament with this act is singer/rhythm guitarist Mike Schaefer’s uncanny vocal resemblance to Chuck Billy, and a couple of riffs on the disc that were reminiscent of “The Ritual”-era. All in all, this band has its own sound, which allows this release to stand on its own merit, and not have to fall back on who they possibly do or do not sonically resemble to sell units.

The dual guitar delivery of Schaefer and lead guitarist Ryan Johnson on this record is incredible. It has, in my opinion, a near perfect blend of power, aggression, and finesse, a trait missing in many metal releases I have bought over the past few years. Bands tend to either be really heavy and technically empty, have a high level of technical proficiency and absolutely no feeling, or be technically superior and very hook oriented, but have no power and aggression to their music. I like bands that offer a little bit of everything with their songwriting and playing, as opposed to bands that are virtuoso level at only one or two of those points.

My only complaint about this album is the production. In several spots, the sound of the guitarists fingers sliding across their instrument's strings is at times as loud as the riff being played itself. Although this is very common and acceptable when recording and listening to clean guitar passages, it is not as common when listening to heavily distorted ones. Now taking into account not everyone is as picky about these types of small detail as I am, this may not matter to the masses, but myself being very anal about the sonic integrity of recordings, I did find this a tad disheartening in what I otherwise consider to be a great album.

Small sonic imperfections aside, I still feel this band's album would be a pleasant addition to any self respecting thrash metal fan's CD collection. No, “Everyone Dies Alone” doesn’t sound just like Metallica, but then again, Metallica doesn’t sound just like Metallica anymore either. What they do sound like is the best damn Blatant Disarray that they can, and trust me, that’s a good thing.

Highs: It is an extremely well-balanced thrash album.

Lows: I can hear the guitarists fingers sliding along the strings during some of the metal riffing.

Bottom line: Blatant Disarray is definitely a formidable metal force to be reckoned with. This is a band who could quite possibly rise to the top of the thrash metal heap.

- Metal Underground

""Everyone Dies Alone" Review"

There have been a lot of thrash metal records to come out over the last few years. Some good, some bad, like anything else of course. While a lot of what I’ve heard draws from the crossover, “zombies and beer” type thrash, I haven’t noticed as many new bands playing more in the Testament, Megadeth vein… until North Carolina’s and Tribunal Records’ Blatant Disarray came across my desk.

Sporting a heavy, mid-to-fast tempo vibe with melodic harmonized riffing and “ode to Chuck Billy” vocals, Blatant Disarray proudly bring you the other side of thrash—the social commentary, human condition, religion questioning side. They deliver a more “serious” vibe (if that makes any sense) than a lof of newer thrash oriented bands. I’ve already mentioned Testament & Megadeth, but one can also find hints of early Metallica in the mix. Highlights would include “Undetermined”, “Question”, “Faithless” and “Hourglass”… classic thrash metal, every one of them.

Blatant Disarray does nothing to reinvent or reinterpret the genre, but they do everything to keep the thrash tradition alive and well. Fans of the genre will no doubt find a nice place on their shelves for Everyone Dies Alone right alongside The New Order and Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?

Oh, and do buy the physical CD because it’s the only place to get the 3 bonus tracks.

Written by Shawn Pelata
April 9th, 2010
- Teeth of the Divine

""Show Review: The Lincoln Theatre August 29th 2003""

Well after waiting almost a year to catch Blatant Disarray the stars were in synch and the planets aligned correctly and I was finally able to attend one of their shows... Beer three, and band three for the night. I’d heard much ado about Blatant Disarray in my year long quest to actually get to a show of theirs, and was excited to actually get to see them take the stage. I had been to their website, downloaded a couple mp3s and had been enjoying them tremendously. Haven’t heard of Blatant Disarray? Well let me give you a quick introduction. BD is a very young band from the Raleigh area that play what can only be described (proudly I might add) as old school metal. Think back to Metallica’s ‘Kill Em All’, Megadeth’s ‘Rust In Peace’, Slayer’s ‘Reign In Blood’ and you get the idea. Hell, most of these albums came out when the guys in the bands were still in short pants! But don’t go away thinking this is some kind of retro metal, or nostalgia trip, these guys play to win, and shred with the best of them. This band despite their age, or maybe because of it, have the skills and heart to tear it up and make a big splash in the scene and hopefully in the industry. From their originals to covers of Slayer and Megadeth the band tore through a set that left no one in the audience in doubt that these guys shred. Fresh on the heels of a successful three week tour the boys showed up ready to kill, and kill they did. I had flashbacks to being back in San Francisco circa 1988, with the likes of the hungry and young Testament, Metallica, Death Angel, Exodus, etc. I had a great time at the show, and am looking forward to show number 2. Damn people, how can I get this through to you? Blatant Disarray annihilate! Looking for a style that you thought long dead? Looking for the genre that they said would never return? Longing for the days when Thrash ruled? Then look to Blatant Disarray. Their next show will be October 3rd at the Berkeley Café in Raleigh, come on over and check out the new Kings (or Princes) of Thrash and you’ll most likely see me in the front row giving myself a wicked case of Whiplash. - Slim Jim's Music Shack, NCSCENE.COM

""Show Review: The Brewery August 17th 2002""

BLATANT DISARRAY hit the stage around 9pm and defied every ounce of their age (all under 20 years old) by slamming out an old-school metal set consisting of classics I had forgotten about, but fondly remembered as they tore into them. Here, my friends, is a great band with killer chops and a lead guitarist who is going to cause a huge commotion in the coming years with local and regional shredders. Awesome set from these guys...They had a c.d. at the merch table, which I don’t own, nor have I heard it, but I would imagine from the smoke they left on that stage when they were finished, it must rock! - The Caveman Chronicles, NCSCENE.COM

""Show Review: The Lincoln Theatre November 16th 2002""

Opening the show were power thrashers Blatant Disarray who just kick T-total ass. Bashing out their own METALLICA styled originals, they worked the packed house into a Metal frenzy especially when they broke into a cover of MEGADETH's 'Holy Wars'... - Dio's Metalshop, NCSCENE.COM

"Review: Blatant Disarray self-titled EP"

First off I'd like to say that this group is amazing, especially for their age. Every song on here is a choice cut, showcasing the talent/skill of this up and coming thrash band from Cary, NC. The rhythms are very original and intertwine with tasteful solos from Ryan Johnson. Mike's vocal delivery is in the vein of Hetfield, and Tim's blend of jazz/metal drumming adds the knockout punch to this nearly flawless debut... -

""Show Review: King's Barcade January 26th, 2003""

...I had a chance to hear five new tunes in their live set recently, and all I can say is 'Raise Ye Devil Horns My Metal Brethren, This Shit Rocks Hard!'...
- The Caveman Chronicles, NCSCENE.COM

"Show Review: Superior Massacre November 23rd, 2002"

"...Blatant Disarray was one of the most pleasant surprises I've had recently. They played old-school thrash and did it quite skillfully. Despite being around 20 years old or less, they were very impressive musicians, most notably the lead guitarist. He was soloing all over the place, displaying a level of talent usually seen only in major-label quality acts. They did a few songs from their CD and a superb cover of Megadeth's "Holy Wars" which pretty much brought down the house, as it were. They put on a great performance as well, full of energy and enthusiasm..."
- Dan Grobar - Marquette, Michigan

"BLATANT DISARRAY - “S/T” – Indie Release"

Although I had the opportunity to see them live before I heard this offering, I wasn’t expecting much. I know they are young and probably didn’t have the means necessary to produce a top quality debut. I was very impressed with their live show because they really raise the old school metal flag. Oh, and by the way, they are pretty kick-ass musicians, and that helps! What I expected was low-budget production with half-baked song ideas that needed a little more practice time. What I got was a six song ass beating from four kids, all of which I’m probably old enough to be their father! This is great stuff and I’d be cheating them if I didn’t mention that it doesn’t sound as ‘low-budget’ as half the shit I get each week from seasoned pros. It’s a professionally packaged disc, not some grass-roots c.d. burn with a computer label. I’m not crazy about the ‘comic book’ looking cover. It doesn’t strike me as metal at all, but the production is good with a few effects thrown in. (Cannon reverb on the snare and some backwards cymbal wash). Sure, it needs to be done in a professional studio, but hell, doesn’t every local band need a DRILL-187 sounding product??? This works just fine for me and makes me really fear what they’ll put out when they do get to that level in their career. All of the songs are well thought out with some nice syncopated drumming from Tim Worrell. Look out drummers, this kid’s got speed and agility to make you his little bitch! The big standout on this record is, however, some of the most shredding metal guitar riffing from a youngster since Yngwie Malmsteen. Ryan Johnson is a digital nightmare or precision. (Check out “Lunacy” and “War Is Kind”) Live, this kid will peel layers of skin from your face! I must also mention that the maturity in the James Hetfield voice of vocalist/guitarist Mike Schaefer is brilliant. He’s got a great delivery and gives their songs that old feel without sounding like it’s forced. This is impressive stuff, folks, and although it suffers minimally from the production budget, it’s worth checking out and supporting. Buy it direct from their In five more years, I see them at the top of the heap with a major label deal in the back pocket. Now, brush your teeth and get ready for bed you fuckers, it’s a school night! Damn Kids!!!
- B2 Productions - 9/23/02

"Show Review: Planet Rock - 12/20/03"

Mike, I can truly say that your vocals are phenomenal. The power, energy, and vocal range were so intense that you (the crowd) escaped into to your world. You (the crowd) were draw into the melody, and experienced every word, ever breath, and every move that you made. Your performance through the whole set was astonishing! It was like the crowd was captivated and sent into emotional frenzy.

Ryan Johnson, Holy Shit ! …. This guy is on hell of a guitar player. I never knew what to expect.... from the swinging hair, to the wrenching of the neck and headstock in search of the perfect bended note, smiling like a little kid, jumping all over the place and still managing to taking each song to an amazingly intense height...WOW! This guys lightning speed riffs, antics, catchy hooks, and getting "physical" with his axe was extraordinary. Where the fuck did this guy come from ……

Tim Worrell was one guy that was "into the show" before the show started. This guy was ready to take the stage.... and when the band left the stage.... Tim, well he was still ready to take the stage. What I mean is that Tim Worrell was at the Planet Rock for one reason.... and that was to see that you got your ass rocked! The beats coming from this guy were sub sonic. Tim made you heart pound with each beat of the kick drum. His style, the heavy beats, and the fact that he had “REASON” to be there, made you beg for more. What a drummer!

All in all I have to say from the first notes of your first song it was apparent that you guys are on your way. Aggressiveness, emotion, stage antics, lighting speed riffs …….. you guys had it all rolled up into one nice little package which makes you one hell of a band. You guys made it well worth the trip. ……….

By the way I forgot to thank the guys from Battery …. If it were not for them I would not have seen you guys and if they had not sucked so damn bad well um I would not have gotten this damn Blatant Disarray CD that I now know all the word to.
- Ken Edwards

"Manipulation EP Review"

"Bay area thrash blended with neo-classical metal and syncopated breakdowns, Blatant Disarray has over 200 live shows under their belt including opening slots for Metal Church and Anthrax. Easy to headbang to, each song possesses building momentum, which keeps listener interest. Every composition is well thought out and expertly performed, resulting in admiration as well as enjoyment. Solid and steadfast with consummately suited, never overindulgent solos. BD know when to hold back and when to let loose. Unfortunatly there are only three songs on this disc, thereby whetting the appetite and ultimatly leaving you hungry for more."

-Aaron Small
Brave Underground
Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles
Issue #99 November 2006 - Brave Wrods and Bloody Knuckles


Blatant Disarray "Self-Titled" E.P. Release Date: April 17th, 2002

Blatant Disarray Tour Promo. Release Date: July 26th, 2003

Frexon Zo/Blatant Disarray Split CD. Release Date: May 23rd, 2004

Manipulation EP. Release date Oct. 2006

"Everyone Dies Alone" (First full length album) Released March 16th, 2010 on Tribunal Records

All Songs have had consistent airplay on:
Snakenet Metal Radio, WKNC 88.1 FM (NCSU College Radio Station), WBBB 96.1 FM (Raleigh Modern Rock Station), WBZB 1090 AM (Local Music Radio)



Blatant Disarray is a thrash metal band that formed in 1999 in Raleigh, NC. Founded out of their mutual love for the early 80’s thrash metal scene, four friends set out to rock the world one metalhead at a time. Their unique sound incorporates Bay Area style thrash/speed metal with melodic and dynamic vocals, aggressive syncopated breakdowns, progressive chord work and virtuosic guitar solos.

Two EPs, two full-length CDs, and 200+ shows later, Blatant Disarray is road hardened and ready to send a shockwave through the metal scene all over the world! Armed with an arsenal full of razor sharp songs that rip through you like a masterfully made katana, and a live show that takes you back to the days of headbanging and circle pits, Blatant Disarray is poised and ready to make an impact in the music industry that no true metalhead will be able to ignore!

We have already shared the stage with many great metal acts, including Lamb Of God, WASP, Lacuna Coil, Shadows Fall, Anthrax, Joey Belladonna, Metal Church, Vital Remains, Suffocation, Strapping Young Lad, Daylight Dies, Body Count and Confessor, and we’re ready to thrash it up with many more!