Blay Ambolley and his Afrikan Hi-Life Band

Blay Ambolley and his Afrikan Hi-Life Band


Ambolley's music called "Simigwa" is a distinct genre of music and dance with combined elements of West Afrikan hi-life and American jazz. His music crosses all ethnic boundaries. His originality, electrifying approach and performances have left his audience raving and shouting for more.


Blay Ambolley was born and raised in Ghana,West Afrika and trained in Afrikan roots and rythms as well as voice and piano studies at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles. His early jazz influences came from the "Voice of America Jazz Hour" on the radio. He and his band have been able to combine the elements of West Afrikan hi-life and American jazz to create a highly eclectic and electrifying dance music calculated to take his audience on a different musical journey. Ambolley has shared the same stage with George Duke, Curtis Mayfield, Lakeside, Hugh Masakela, Fela, Mariam Makeba, Manu DeBango, Jeff Lorber and Joe Sealy. With twenty albums to his credit, Ambolley continues to work hard at his mission-"making people happy". He was nominated by LA Weekly for "Best World Beat Recombinant Artists" in 2003 and in 2004 he received a "Lifetime Achievement Award" by Jazz at Drew from Charles R. Drew University, Los Angeles, and Congressional, Gubernatorial and local Awards.


Afrikan Woman

Written By: B.Ambolley/Fela

(1) If you call am woman, Afrikan woman no go gree,
(Ch) She go say, she go say I be lady o (2x)
She go say I be lady
(Ch) She go say I be lady (4)
Call am for dance,she go dance lady dance (2x)
Afrikan woman go dance, she go dance the fire dance(2x) She know em man na master,she go cook for am,she go do anything he say, (but lady no be so (4x)
Lady na master (4x)
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CDS (1) The Warrior of Afrikan Music (2) Son of Ghana (3) Party Time (4) The Sekondi Man (5) AfriKan JaaZZ (6) Ambolley and The Next Generation just to mention a few.

Set List

We play 45min, 1hr and 1 1/2hrs sets. We play mostly original compositions and dress in Afrikan Clothings. There are few addoptions of American music played in Afrikan style.