Our sound is universal, crossing many genre lines, bridging the remaining gaps of music nationwide. It's hip and catchy, while it is meaningful and inspirational. Blayze 5 music feeds the soul and strives to provide a balanced diet for the needs of all who listen. We are people for the people.


The BLAYZE 5 ministry was formed in September of 2003 under the leadership of Zulema Nakinda (Brown) Cheek, the founder, songwriter and composer of the group. For many years, she had been writing and composing music of all genres, but had a burning desire to create inspirational music that directly related to everyday people; and she knew she also wanted to hear the interpretation of her music through the voice of her own and others to make her music comes to life. Hence, BLAYZE 5 was born. The creation of this group continues to give her a reason to keep writing and creating. It gives her an outlet of expression about the joys and pains of life, and how God's love can be displayed through it all. Zulema knew she could not embark on this task alone. So, she asked her friends and family to help her achieve this goal by also embracing her vision, and they graciously accepted and became members of BLAYZE 5. They include five women who are forever learning how extraordinary the power of music is and how through music, the love of God can be expressed and shared with others. Each member of BLAYZE 5 brings a certain flavor to the group, and the mix of these varying flavors creates a unique sound that allows the group to constantly change its style. BLAYZE 5 cannot be categorized under one particular genre of music. The group believes in embracing the different styles in order to reach and affect the various personalities of those who listen to their music. As a collective unit, BLAYZE 5 strives to uphold the mission that has been set before them as a ministry for the Lord.

Set List

1. On Fire
2. The Way
3. Yes, Lord
4. Come 2 Me
5. Spiritual Elevation
6. Pray
7. He Is
8. All I Need

Set is usually 45 minutes in length and include all originals.
9. Free
10. Happiness