An excitingly unique duo, takes you on their adventurous musical landscape of high energy electronic dance, & acoustic jams.
Performing all the way live with an extrodinary band:
Latrec (lead vocals), Marco Hijl (saxophones), Peter van Aart (percussion), Eric Versluis (bass), Guy Nikkels (guitar)


The Netherlands based electronic dance duo Blaz is the result of a chance meeting at an Amsterdam Dance Event
after party! When Vocalist Latrec (aka Frankie McCoy) openly declared "I hate egoistic saxaphonist's", the on scene saxophonist Marco Hijl set out to prove to her otherwise, making a positive out of a negative!

With both having roots in soul, funk & jazz the duo realised there was chemistry in the making when they teamed up to write for other artist and DJ's, how ever it became all to apparent that their shared enthusiasm for electronic Dance would spark a new kind of collaboration...

The American born singer LaTrec, no stranger to the dance scene, scored the worldwide hit "Stay" and club chart hit Sweat" with German DJ Sash in '97! wich paved the way to tour international festivals and clubs! Marco Hijl brings years of getting the party started as a featured addition to such festivals as White sensation & Fast Forward Dance Parade as composer and performer!

Together the dynamic duo serve up the new EP - Advanced Chemistry!