Blaze Eisner

Blaze Eisner

 San Diego, California, USA


San Diego-based singer/songwriter Blaze Eisner is pleased to announce the release of his first EP entitled, An Unquiet Mind. The EP establishes Blaze as a local talent with little to lose and much to gain. Blaze's sound has already drawn comparison's to the likes of Jason Mraz and Ben Harper. An Unquiet Mind exhibits Blaze's knack for clever lyricism and melodies.

Blaze has played at venues throughout San Diego, ranging from Lestat's West to The Stage. Blaze has played with and opened for San Diego Music Award nominees Gayle Skidmore and Sven-Erik Seaholm.

Self taught guitarist, Blaze started singing at a very young age. Blaze not only draws inspiration from musicians such as John Mayer and Brett Dennen, but also, Lightnin Hopkins and Freddie King. When not writing his own music, Blaze can be found buried under a stack of live performance's by the late, great blues player, Lightnin Hopkins.


Falling Out

Written By: Blaze Eisner

Oh it's been coming for some time
I traced it back but could never find out where it came from
And maybe our love it was truly blind
And something that was wrong was never meant to turn out right
But damn we tried, damn we tried, damn we tried

And all of our friends said, 'they've got something going good'
But good could go bad and bad well, it never turns out good
Now that we're here it seems like, we're steady compromising
Buying the lies and trying to hide what we've been hiding
But not today, oh I've gotta say

I'm falling out of love, falling out of love
I'm falling out of love, falling out of love

But she's got it all and I might be lost if I end up leaving
Wait, something's not right this perception's a cry to keep us believing
That we could sustain, but this mascarade had got to end soon
Taking off my disguise, I'm not gonna fight living without you
Oh I'm coming clean, Oh I've got to speak


And it hurts to say the words
But I'm just speaking from my heart
me and you, we've been falling apart
And I wish that I could change
Cause I keep pushing you away
But I can't go back to the start

And if I could I don't know if I would