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Kev Blaze is an amazingly original R&B artist/singer/songwriter who shows he is destined to set the world on fire from the first chords of his startling debut album Smoke ’n Blaze, a passionate, musical autobiography of Blaze’s life combining hardship, celebration and finally, redemption. For one of the first times this decade, a new singer is brave enough to put his heart and soul into his debut album. Kev Blaze delivers all of these emotions with a new sound that combines the rich tradition of R&B with cutting-edge, hardcore hip-hop. Hailing from the mean streets of Cleveland, Ohio, Kev Blaze is draped in a deep musical history. His uncle, Beloyd Taylor, was a member of the legendary group Earth, Wind and Fire, and the young soul singer always knew that he was destined for greatness. As a teenager he spent most of his time in the house of the Lord. A true PK (or Preacher’s Kid), both of his parents were ministers and the Bible, religion and church on Sunday was all he knew for most of his formative years. Kev Blaze was already playing the drums and singing in the choir when he discovered his natural gift for arranging harmonies on a second- hand piano. The aspiring artist continued writing and producing music, eventually deciding to perform his own material, creating his very unique sound in the process. With every note, every chord, Blaze put more of himself into the music. His Midwestern background channeled the blues of Bobby Womack with the smoothness and funk of Curtis Mayfield, and as part of the hip hop generation, he brought the edge of Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony mixed with a little of N.W.A.’s rebelliousness. Finally things clicked and he was able to land the ever elusive recording contract. In 2008, Blaze sold over 10,000 singles independently thanks in part to a huge push in his fanbase from Fred on Youtube, youtube's number one channel

Kev Blaze is represented by Manager Ryan "Blue" Posen of Blue Image Entertainment and Attorney Jeffrey B. Gandel of the Law Office of Jeffrey B. Gandel in New York City. For further information, please contact Ryan "Blue" Posen at (216) 408-3407 or via email at


Watch How I Do This (Featuring Krayzie Bone)
Smoke N Blaze (2008)

Set List

45 minute setlist
"Blaze" "Work Ya Body" "I Feel Good" "Watch How I Do This" "Rep My Hood" "Don't Mean A Thing" "Paper" "Bossin'" "Don't Mean A Thing"

30 minute setlist:
"Blaze," "I Feel Good," "Paper," "Bossin," and "Watch How I Do This."

15 minute setlist:
"Blaze" "How We Get' Em," and "Watch How I Do This."