Blaze Trackz

Blaze Trackz

 Sacramento, California, USA
BandHip HopPop

Rapper. Producer. Revolutionary.


Hailing from the quick-paced and hardened Newburgh New York, rapper Blaze Trackz did not initially find his musical influences in the medium of hip hop. Growing up, Trackz was shaped by 70s psychedelic rock acts, such as Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and The Mamas and The Papas. Blaze Trackz did not embrace hip hop culture until the late 90’s when asked to rap during a middle school lunch announcement. After wowing his audience, his rhymes became a staple in the Washingtonville Middle School cafeteria.

After his father’s military job forced young Trackz to relocate to Fairfield California, Trackz continued to hone his talent in lyricism, production, and songwriting, all the while building his narrative-driven catalogue and brand. Over the past 7 years, Blaze Trackz has appeared on just short of half-a-dozen albums. A staple in the Northern California Hip Hop scene, Trackz holds production on dozens of works- spanning nationwide from the LA "Jerkin" music sub-genre, to the gritty rap scene of Philadelphia. Trackz first gained national acclaim in 2007 with his former band B.A.R.S., as a Top 12 finalist in MTV's Dew Circuit Breakout Contest, alongside major label bands All Time Low and The Myriad. Since, Blaze Trackz' uncanny ability to relate to his audience through his college-rap style flow, hypnotic hooks, and impeccable lyricism has allowed him to expand his fan base far beyond the typical hip hop listener demographic.

Blaze Trackz is currently working on his debut “CLiNT: Cigarettes & Late Night Trysts” (slated for an early 2012 release). CLiNT is a concept album, circling around two parallel running story lines. The first plot thread centers around the seasons—four women: Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter, all of whom have their own personalities and dilemmas, present themselves throughout the album. CLiNT stands as an exhibition of human reaction to challenging social circumstances. The seasons are the subjects, and CLiNT is the setting. The second plot appearing throughout CLiNT describes the overall mood of the record. CLiNT, as suggested in the title, follows “The Cigarette”, “The Late Night”, and “The Tryst”. “The Cigarette”, is a mellow, R&B feel, “The Late Night” is more upbeat, and “The Tryst” is medium between the two. Blaze Trackz is performing tracks from CLiNT throughout Northern California as a member of the Sac’s Most Wanted Tour.