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"Feature Record"

Featured Record April '08

My City & Pimpin' & Hustlin. -


All Eyes on Me Vol. 1
All Eyes on Me Vol. 2
Shawwna Vs. Blazze
Get Familiar Vol. 1
Diamond in The Rough



'Wow' is right when anyone encounters Ms. Johnson, better known as BLAZzE. This young lady’s beauty and style is captivating. Her confidence and skill flow so naturally, it’s like running water. She has been blessed with an extraordinary amount of talent as a writer, model, rap artist and actress accompanied with the ability to hold a note. BLAZzE has been on the underground scene and is now ready to ignite this multi-million dollar industry like a three-alarm fire. As you continue to read into her life you will get a brief understanding of who BLAZzE is and what ingredients she brings to the game. One would say that BLAZzE has a creative versatile mind, a serious lyrical style and strong talent that belong to the game! BlaZze has always said, “I am the one that holds the key to my path.” She grew up in the hard streets of Bridgeport’s Marina Village project. From the age of 14, BLAZzE knew she wanted to be a rap artist. Anyone that knew or knows BLAZzE will vouch for the fact that she is one of the realest chicks you can ever meet. Once she teamed up with her brothers and began to enter into local talent shows, it was a point of no return. This experience helped to build her confidence, skills and the staying power that’s well needed to survive in this game. As her confidence grew even stronger, she started branching out on her own. This led her to venture out beyond her home town’s comfort and surroundings. “The life,” if it doesn’t take you out, has a way of maturing you. BLAZzE became pregnant and she felt that it was time for a change. She quickly adjusted to motherhood, but continued to keep her eyes on the prize. BLAZzE believed that she could still pursue her music career and went at it full speed. It was a bumpy road. For 3 1/2 years BLAZzE struggled with her daughter’s life threatening asthma condition. Suddenly it seemed that all BLAZzE’s dreams came to an end with the tragic passing of her 4 year old daughter. After this traumatic experience BLAZzE fell into a deep depression and made an attempt to commit suicide. BLAZzE tried fighting off the feelings but remained in heavy denial about all that she was going through. After hitting rock bottom and losing everything including her son, BLAZzE realized that she needed to get back on track and pull it together. She began to dig deep inside, remembering that she did have dreams, goals and most of all talent! BLAZze often reflects back on her life and what she realized is that she does not give up. She walked a path that she chose, whether it was right or wrong, she had a purpose, and for that reason she said, “I lived, when I most wanted to die.” BLAZzE now knows that boundaries only exist when you believe them to exist. Now that music is the focus in her life, it is just a matter of time before all will take notice. The energy and enthusiasm that surrounds BLAZzE both on and off the stage makes her a performer that is very hard to forget.