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Bleach Blondes

Copenhagen, Denmark | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Copenhagen, Denmark | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Post-punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"2016 Festival review"

Bleach Blondes

Think early Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and add a dab of Tremolo Beer Gut, then you’re just about there. Both in terms of sound and of stage presence.

Lead singer Heine Tegtmeier cast a ravenblack shadow on the front row as the feedback from his Gibson ES335 mixed with the dronelike noise from the Gretsch Electromatic bass between each song.

Their attitudes were right to the core, all the way down to coming on stage about 10 minutes late due to slow set up. And that’s a bit of a minus. The violent volumes in the room, that was geared to a bigger audience than were in fact left, weren’t doing them any favours either. This didn’t break their hardcore one bit though. The front row was jumping and moshing and they ended the show properly – with more feedback and a bang as if they blew a tube.

“Whatever happened to my rock ‘n roll” Peter Hayes asks on the first BRMC album of the same name. Looks like Bleach Blondes ran off with it. - SOUND OF AARHUS

"Norwegian GAFFA and Roskilde Festival booker review"

There is some Danish psychedelic rock music in the air – and I’m in heaven! Today Bleach Blondes released their debut album ”You Could Take the Whole World to Bed With You” on digital platforms. To begin with I only had a sample of three songs. But those three songs kept me up until midnight so that I could listen to the rest of the album.
”You Could Take the Whole World to Bed With You” is great. Which is impressive for a debut album. I usually feel that debut albums can get very monotone, but ”You Could Take the Whole World to Bed With You” (why such a long title?!) is far from that.

Before I continue, ”You Could Take the Whole World to Bed With You” will now be referred to as the album. I love the title – however it is so long and I am too lazy to write the title over and over again. And I’m pretty sure that you guys would get bored reading the title over and over again as well.

The album is filled with ten tracks including “Promise”, “Open Doors” and “My Seven Traits”, which where the ones I was able to enjoy earlier. Those alone are three great tracks. “Slow and Tired” is also a track that I fell for. It starts off slow (hence the title..), but then it builds itself up and then bang! I love that! The tracks varies in length – there is one song that lasts less than two minutes, and then we have a title track that is just as long as the album title. But it works. The whole album is well executed.

Listen to it on Spotify or Tidal – I urge you to listen to it. I highly recommend it.

I wish I could catch them live in Copenhagen next week, but I won’t be able to go. If you are able check the FB-event for more info.

If you want, you can stalk these three handsome danes on:
Facebook - Else Solheim

"Bands of Tomorrow album review"

Copenhagen based Bleach Blondes is a relatively unknown quantity on the Danish music scene, but the trio is very current with the group's first ambitious full-length record. The three gentlemen in Bleach Blondes play high octane rock music, which draws references to bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Black Angels from God's own country.
The plate, with the colloquial title YOU COULD TAKE THE WHOLE WORLD TO BED WITH YOU opens with the song "Fuzz Pedal Girls" as musically and textually is reportedly the plate. Musical presented a rocking universe where the fuzzede guitar beats a race with booming bass and pounding drums.
On the "Promise" lowered the pace a bit, but the dynamic number manages repeatedly to explode in noise bursts, and rise early as a clear highlight of the ten tracks long plate. The pace is almost constant soared, and the images formed on the retina are motorcycles, leather jacket and US highways - this is partly done on the "Open Doors" which is a regular rock flapping, with a tremendous pace and power rumbles away.

With "Slow and Tired" shows Bleach Blondes, how a song can go from easier reclining rock to a highly volatile number in a noisy outro rumbles away with its pace.

Bleach Blondes have found a clear recipe for their music, but it seems unfortunately few times to the lack of variation in the overall sound, where the instrumental, vocal and melodic work (quite rare!) Becomes too monotonous. This is partly done on the "My Seven Traits" that does not hit the same level as other plate numbers. Perhaps expectedly a debuting band, and the overall impression of the plate is therefore extremely positive.

Bleach Blondes sound is tailored for rough industrial environments with the pompous and dirty sound that is presented of all of the disc. An example of this is the last issue "You Could Take The Whole World To Bed With You If You Would" with its rocking lightning pace and brilliant break to lead to a destructive noise resolution.

When YOU COULD TAKE THE WHOLE WORLD TO BED WITH YOU have listened to the end, you sit with an overall positive expression. Bleach Blondes hits a branch of Danish rock, which in these times rarely touched. The smell of gasoline, leather and raw amounts of energy is in the air, and a debut album to be, it must be said that Bleach Blondes have been doing a masterpiece.

(Originally in danish but translated) - Bands of Tomorrow


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