Bleach Babes

Bleach Babes

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Super catchy riffs with angst and fun. The kind of pop punk that reminds you of growing up in suburbia, but makes you wanna nod your head and jump around. Humble and honest music


What came from boredom and too much angst, Bleach Babes are two bros who have known each other for far to long. Getting kicked out of nearly every practice space, these slackers are dreamers . Singing about 22 year-old skids who live with there parents and sleeping in… Bleach Babes bring out everyone's inner wanna-be.


2010 Demo Tape - Beach Babes

2011 EP - Losers
-released on 100 green cassette

2011 Split Tape - A Langley Compilation
-released on 200 yellow tape cassette

2012 - (Upcoming EP)