A reckless Rolling Stones, but better. Featuring the tightest rhythm section this side of the Mississippi.


from the sonics to the stones. the old the new. iggy pop. king khan. the chucky b to the bobby d. anything rock n roll will do. chocolate watchband. the heartbreakers. brian jonestown massacre. flaming groovies. you dig this??!

We are really ready to make this work. Please visit our myspace ( for more songs. or watch videos at


Currently recording 2 EPs

Set List

Really we can do it all.

We have a list of nearly 50 original songs. So we can easily match a good set with a good show.

Time is no issue. We can convince you we are the best band in 15 minutes. And we can play three 45 minute sets.

We do play covers here and there..
The Last Time - Rolling Stones
Can I Get A Witness- Marvin Gaye
Are You Gunna Be There- The Chocolate Watch Band
I'm Not Like Everybody Else- The Kinks
Green Onions- Booker T & The MGS
Shot Down- The Sonics