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"Beach Bloodz Review Tuesday, October 20, 2009 The Riot Room, KCMO"

When I found out that I was going to be relocating from San Diego to Kansas City one month ago, the first thing I did was research local upcoming shows. I figured if I was going to be shacking it up in the burbs’ of Cowtown for a spell I might as well do myself a favor and get a leg up on the local night life and music scene. One of the first things I came across was Midtown’s, The Riot Room, for a “Rock and Roll Chaos” lineup featuring a band called “Bleach Bloodz”. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I soon found out.

To quote Larry David, “There are two types of people who wear sunglasses indoors: blind people and assholes.” Well, the lead singer of Bleach Bloodz, Troy G., wore sunglasses the entire night, along with shaggy dark hair and dirty white jeans. Yet, refreshingly, he was the furthest thing from an asshole; in fact he was more like a badass, blind with talent.

I make my way toward the stage with my Boulevard Wheat in hand, and soon find out that Bleach Bloodz are a delightful combination of pure Rock and Roll, a smattering of Rhythm and Blues, topped off with a certain “je ne sais quoi”.

Front man, Troy G., possesses an Iggy-esque snarl and the strut of a Stone, but more than manages to make the music uniquely his own. A rock solid rhythm section coupled with hard-hitting keys testifies to the band’s tight musical grasp, which Troy is quick to acknowledge. He reiterates what is becoming crystal clear: “the band knows what they’re doing.”

The song “Two In The Bush” which starts out with a jangly, Jerry Lee Lewis infused keyboard intro and later leads intro sharp and sweet, almost surfy guitar riffs, has everyone in the crowd singing and shaking along.

A highlight of the night is the song “Little Marley” where Troy points to the ceiling and dedicates it to a “friend they all know,” presumably, Marley. Troy croons: “Hey Little Marlaaaaay, won’t you walk my way, you’re giving me the blues.” It’s almost like he has channeled Mick Jagger from the Let It Bleed days. The song, just like the line suggests, is altogether bluesy and alluring.

By this time, the energy bouncing of the band is evident and the vibe is rich. I can’t help but smile while watching the grinning, near theatrical keyboardist, Micah B., throw his head back in sheer zeal while his fingers leap and lick on the keys. One second, Troy is off the stage and prancing through the crowd, mic in hand, and the next second he is casually to the side sipping a beer before he is due for the next chorus. Guitarist, Kyle K., is lying with back to the floor shredding on his guitar while an uber-drunk middle-aged heckler-turned-fan proceeds to pat him on the arm. Mitch Rich, of the Rich Boys is dancing front and center while two young gents toast PBR tall boys. At the end of the set Troy declares to the crowd, “It’s all about Kansas City Rock and Roll. That’s all that fucking matters.” Tonight, San Diego is further back in my mind; I feel alive, Kansas City feels alive, and I couldn’t agree more. - Crystal M.


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