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Bleeding Knees Club

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia | INDIE

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia | INDIE
Band Pop Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Bleeding Knees Club - Bad Guys"

Bleeding Knees Club only started in March and have already secured east coast tours with DZ and Yatch Club DJs, recorded and EP and secured a label and distribution with Melbourne party crew I OH YOU. Pretty solid first six months – more than some bands achieve over six years. Admittedly, BKC trade in a certain brand of music that doens’t require/intentionally avoids precision, planning, and cleanliness. Not that this music is any less valuable, but you can imagine these guys bashing out an EP within the amount of time it takes some bands to soundcheck.

‘Bad Guys’ is a badass song that improves on their previous gem ‘Have Fun‘ – and that was a pretty sweet jam itself. Looking forward to the full EP, which drops October 15. Keep an eye and ear out for these bros – ‘Bad Guys’ suggests potential mega radness. - Who The Hell

"Knee Pads Wanted"

Bleeding Knees Club is the latest signing to the I Oh You roster & they are one of CMMNPPL’s picks for summer. Bleeding Knees Club have been making waves with their reverb soaked surf pop in their home town of Bris Vegas & are currently in the studio recording their debut EP which should be good to go by the time they hit the road with Yacht Club DJs this Oct. There’s nothing to complicated about Bleeding Knees Club, just a basic 4-chord progression to a basic drum rhythm with simple rhyming lyrics recorded to analogue tape with loads of reverb. But it’s this simplicity coupled with the way it makes you feel that’s so appealing. Bleeding Knees Club conjures up memories of a carefree summer as a no hoper rock & roller spending my days smoking dope & catching waves at Bells and nights making it with promiscuous tourists that float through town.

With Surfer Blood, Best Coast & Wavves leading the charge of a surf pop revival over the US/European summer it’s only natural that we follow suit. Here are a couple demos from Bleeding Knees Club. Download the shit out of them! - Cmmn Ppl

"Bleeding Knees Club - Bad Guys"

OK, let's get you up to speed: Bleeding Knees Club is two scrappy kids from Brisbane making the kind of garage punk that makes mothers lock up their daughters. It's also the kind of music that seems to have the local industry in a tailspin.

There's not a lot to the tunes these youngsters play: it's fun, loose and infectious. Think bands like Wavves or Black Lips or bands of that ilk: totally lo-fi recordings of songs that are simple but incredibly catchy. I wouldn't be surprised to find James Dean listening to Bleeding Knees Club (but just ignore the fact that he's been dead for 55 years).

Next month the boys are releasing their debut EP titled Virginity. Why Virginity? Because their manager lost his the night before they started recording. Sweet, in a creepy kind of way. 'Bad Guys' is a short, scuzzy blast that epitomises everything Bleeding Knees Club is about. This is just a simple, fun punk song. Turn off your brain and turn on your dancing feet. - JJJ Unearthed


"Virginity" - Debut EP - Released 15 October 2010
1. Bad Guys
2. Have Fun
3. Truth Or Dare
4. Camp Out
5. Teenage Girl



Since thrashing onto the scene and releasing their initial demos 2 months ago, Gold Coast surf punk duo Bleeding Knees Club have gone from strength to strength.

After being picked up by JJJ as one of the most promising acts to emerge out of Australia at the minute, the band have since been added to high rotation to community radio stations FBi, RRR and 4ZzZ.

Following the incredible media hype surrounding the band, Select Music, one of the country’s leading Booking Agencies, have taken on Bleeding Knees Club as part of their impressive roster of some of Australia’s hottest acts.

Recently bunkering down in the studio to record their debut EP, the Bleeding Knees boys have emerged with ‘Bad Guys’ – the first single to be released off their forthcoming ‘Virginity’ EP, which will be released through I Oh You/Shock on October 15th.

As well as the release of their debut EP, October will also include a National Tour for the band, supporting the Yacht Club DJs as part of their ‘Demons of Gymnastics Tour’.

Add this to a feature in this month’s Triple J Magazine in Zan Rowe’s ‘Fresh Meat’ section, the release of their EP, singles, Film Clips, shows and festival bills, it’s looking like Bleeding Knees Club have got a massive summer ahead of them!