Bleeding Utopia

Bleeding Utopia


BLEEDING UTOPIA - Melodic Death Metal- from Sweden .
Started as a side project in 2003 by Andreas Moren but in the summer of 2009 Andreas decided to take it further, to take it from a project to a 110% band.
You can listen to 4 songs on Myspace and Spotify.


BLEEDING UTOPIA - Melodic Death Metal- from Sweden .

BU are 5 guys that love to make music and play music.
We all have influences like: Metallica, Testament, Megadeth, AMon Amarth, At the gates, The Haunted, Dismember, Vicious Art, The Black Dahlia Murder, Lamb of God, Dissection etc etc...
...everything from early thrash and death metal to the newest thrash, death and black metal. everything that makes the hair in our neck stand are our influences.

We dont want to sound like our influences, we want to sound like us.
We want to make the best music we can, fast, heavy, melodic, angry, insane that are our recipe to make our music.

Line up:
Lawrence Dinamarca-Drums
Andreas moren- Guitar
Joakim bergros - Guitar
Henrik Wenngren - Vocals
David Ahlén - Bass n backing Vocals

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