We put a lot of feeling into our music. Not just in the music but when we are on stage together tearing it up live. That is our main goal. Give our fans what they paid to see no matter if its 5 fans in front of us our 500 , you will get a show.


It’s easy to lump most bands into one category or another. You see so many nowadays that have all the digital technology, glamour and pizzazz that you seem to miss the one thing that makes a band what it is. It’s called heart, and that’s exactly what Bleed brings to the stage every night.

After almost two years of hibernation, Bleed comes back in a most fierce and brutal way. Back to basics and back to heart, the music has matured above and beyond and calls to an eager swarm of diehard fans.


Bleed released its first EP in 2003. The self titled EP was handed out for free.Bleeds debut cd "Bleed the People" Released in December 2007.
"Walking in Fear" is on Reverbnation and plays on quite a few inde radio stations.