Bleed The Innocent

Bleed The Innocent


Brutal Brutal Brutal!!! A whole new kind of metal rising from this small town in Indiana. Fast, heavy, and untapped. "Bleed The Innocent" is pushing the metal envelope in a whole new direction.


Bleed The Innocent formed early 2007. Jeremy, Greg, & TJ have had previous musical experience together. Eric was also in a previous band with Greg and Tj. Jeremy and Marck have also been involved in previous bands.
All 5 members have been playing shows together for about 4 years. Music is just what we do, it's what we love. Nothing else comes before this.



Written By: Jeremy Elliott

All the time that I spend coagulating in my own, lifeless existence is wasted time, that i could spend trying to die.
trying to die!!

you bury me again in your eyeless empty sin. i am everything that is nothing now. these are the screams these are the screams of the lost.

this pointless life of mine is destrying any hope i had NO there is no light at the end of this tunnel!! NO nothing more than a wall, that screams at me to die!!
screams at me to die!!

my heart's broke and i see that i am what i hate most, so i hold on to a dream that burns on inside of me now!! but as i go on i feel like that i can not survive, so i hold on to all that i have, i'll push on till i die!!


No current disc are available

Demo coming in July!!

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From The Ashes