Bleed The Machine

Bleed The Machine

 Cypress, Texas, USA

Dark gothic & creepy, gets under ur skin and into ur head!


BLEED THE MACHINE was formed in late 2009 in Houston, TX, consisting of band members Josh Jetton, Alex Perez, Jen Fazio, Joe Sadler, and Troy Jackson. They have created a subgenre of Metal and Goth by digging into raw emotion and abstract sounds to create an eerie dark overtone, while maintaining a heavy groove and almost sluggish feel. Bleed the Machine began to record in 2010 for their debut album "The Art of Alchemy" which was produced by drummer, Josh Jetton. The concept of this album was to catch the raw human side and blend it with mechanical sequenced side of music. The production is very raw with little editing and is layered with polished sequences to create an interesting contrast of sounds. Teaming up with visual artist, Jesse Lindsay, for the concept art work to help finish the "man meets machine" theme of the album. Although bleed the machine may be classified as a metal/goth band, they take from many different styles such as industrial, techno, dub, nu-metal, and groove metal. The band is also known for their visual and theatric stage productions.


Art of alchemy released late 2010.