Seemless raw emotion. Hard, hook laden sound. Intelligent persona. The dissimilarity of these qualities is what makes Bleen so extremely profound- a characteristic that inspires even the least inspired. The reaction to their music is involuntary, automatic. You will be affected!


The final pieces of the Bleen puzzle arrived in the early fall of 2002 with the arrival of guitarist Dave Grant, drummer Nadia Manigo, and bassist d. Joining with band founder, guitarist Justin Porter, and Vocalist Sunny Bonnell, these five talented musicians went about the task of melding their diverse backgrounds into one imaginative, unique sound. The result is nothing short of extraordinary. Melodic and crunchy guitar sounds intertwine with provocative bass lines and tribal-esque drum beats to provide the musical playground on which the raw, emotive lyrics roam. Drawing comparisons to such national acts as Staind, Cold, Flaw, Evanescence, and harder edged Cranberries, Bleen has been wowing audiences throughout the Myrtle Beach region. Taking the next step in pursuit of their dream, they have started braching out to North Carolina and Georgia, in order to build on their ever-growing fan base. From the first chord, your attention is peaked, realizing you are about to take a journey to a place not often expeirienced. But the thing that pushes you over the edge is hearing the gutsy, deliberate lyrics delivered in a powerful, passionate female voice. The shock is immediate, the mixture of masculine music and femine voice is intoxicating and invigorating. The effect is permanent.


2003 - Deciding Ruins EP
2004 - Somewhere We Belong EP

Set List

Our current set list is all original, modern/hard rock.
We are currently able to play for up to one and a half hours, with new material constantly being added.

Current setlist is:

Phone call
So long
All the lies
Possession's skin
Just like you wanted
I try
Don't deny me