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"Hot Dog and Forest City Gallery Presents the AGM BBQ Saturday Preview"

'Open up and Bleet for me'. Like a Trans Am (Thrill Jockey) rolling thru town with the windows down and a trio of mad scientists spraying you with Rock'n'Roll and whatever they can get their hands on. There is a commitment here to drive this funnycar into the future. If Phillip K Dick had set down his pen, and learned how to rock he would Bleet you senseless. Bring an extra pair of underwear! - London Fuse

"Out Of Sound Records - PIE-002"

Bleet, a three piece instrumental band with their track Feno Barbitol. It’s a quick track that brings a lot of gritty guitar, very prominent basslines and crashing drums to the mix to make one heck of a ballsy introduction for PIE-002 in less than two minutes. - Elusive Little Comments

"PIE split series on Out of Sound Records"

Bleet kicks this off with "Feno Barbitol"... full of crazy bass lines, super dirty, recorded on another level... then this track gets chopped right into the food processor in a fit of ultra technical post rock on lots of speed. Racing through scales, perched together on the edge of a cliff ready to tumble over, a crazy burst of instrumental awesomeness. - 7 Inches (Blog)


Grey Comes In Litres - Cassette EP (2012)

Out Of Sound PIE-002 Split 7" (2013)



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