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i have won a hiphop contest on iwon a music scholarship from world of iam currently tryign to get discovered.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The biography of Charles Johnson

I am a guy of ambition with dreams and goals that go beyond my range of thought. I live in Brooklyn NY, where the city never sleeps. I live in the projects called Brownsville houses. I used to live in bestir with my mother until her condition for taking care of me was not in her right mind. My mother was addicted to drugs. Mainly my grandmother raised me. In growing up in society and that’s when I moved to Brownsville, I was still small as far as I could remember. Growing up in the ghetto made it hard for me but I have always remained focused to keep a stable mind. This is where I began to play around with writing poems during the time of my separation from my mother. I never thought about writing poems, actuality I wrote poems for girls then from poems, I began to write raps, and that how I began to develop a love for music and me being involved in watching tv so much. I’m 19 yrs old, right now. In my younger state of life I attended P. S. 284 and graduated from there and attend Erasmus Hall High School. During my school years in junior high I always was the one that got picked on, laughed at, and the one that was not too popular, in high school I was the smooth type laid back. I won a hip-hop award, I got an underground album and I won an entertainment award at the boys and girls club I attended. I graduated from a business program and last but not lease I won three scholarships one music as I just mentioned and two for college. I now attend city college of New York my major is communications.
What really influenced me to become inspired by music is biggie smalls hot record one more chance, that definitely was a dramatic influence. My family such as my little sister always kept me doing my music because at times I would feel like giving up and when I feel down she always comes around me and listens to my music. Also sometimes give her opinion and add her thoughts to some of my songs. She was like my little helper; she gives great ideas so I consider my little sister a great ghostwriter. As you can see I was raised with no father my uncle was more like a father to me even though he had some bad things he use to do I took heed of his surroundings by him showing me how to write and how to tie my shoes and so on. Growing up in a dangerous environment kept me on a level to think opposite from the crowd, I always felt in my heart that one day I will be someone special to make it in life regardless of whatever comes my way. The passion I have for this music is so deep that I will continue doing what I love even if I never become a famous rap star. Even if I don’t become what I love I still can pursue my career in film production because I have shoot two short films back when I was in high school and I use to edit on final cut pro so as a result my dreams I have will be chased no matter the obstacle.
To conclude I would like to say that if you really want something in life go for it because life is about pursuing your dream, and doing what your heart and mind desires. One more thing I like to say is, aint nothing better then do what you love, and what you love do it with passion and do it with pride because in the end you will get what you deserve.