New York City, New York, USA

This is who I am , Bless from Brooklyn. To get right to the point of the matter I grew up and surrounded myself in music right off. It was one of those things that I could really relate to no matter what emotion I was experiencing at the time. This was my first love, and honestly probably still is because in it I found myself. Growing up with Hip-Hop beats and throwing down raps with my brother, I came to find what I wanted to spend my life doing. Finding it difficult to express myself through r


I live in Brooklyn NY (the most magnificent borough) and this is my first release. However, by far, not my first project. It has taken plenty of time (years to be exact) energy, and working with several people to bring this thought to fruition. And I admit, without reservation, excuses, or apologies that I am pleased. I want to put you to sleep, I want you to make love to me, I want to evoke an emotion so strong, it moves you. Good, bad; I am not a fan of indifference but I will accept it. Emotion is Emotion. I have nothing, I have no wisdom, I hold no power, and I certainly have no rule. I am at once and simply just Bless.... and this is No Need for Privacy.


Bless is a Brooklyn based artist/singer whom released her first EP late last year (2010). Though her first release it is in no way her first project, experimenting with many sounds and musicians alike , she has found her place in the Eclectic. Combining musical backgrounds from Trip-Hop, Electronica, and Jazz, she has come into her own. Bless has performed alongside other acts as well as traveled doing showcases, both domestically and internationally. She is currently working on the follow-up to her EP entitled "No Need for Privacy" set to be released end of year 2011. You can find her music at all online music stores or find her on A newcomer on the music scene Bless is steady making her mark and cultivating fans worldwide.