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I was born and raised in Columbia, SC as Myesa McFalling. Only daughter of 3 raised in a single mother home. Daughter of Sharon Anderson, a hard working nurse. I was introduced to rapping by hobby. A couple of friends and I would sit around and get into freestyle sessions, just fooling around. Later, my friends (all boys) formed a group, I forget the name from back then, but it later went on to become Illiance after I joined. The members included Keri (Pretti Boi at the time) Hall, Eric (Prince Midaz at the time) Jones, my little brother Chris (Titan) McFalling, and myself (Lady Mc at the time). We didnt do much but record songs and do a couple of showcases. We did, however, compete in the local Apollo night but didnt win. We all knew we had tremendous potential. We just needed a little growth as individuals and as artists; as well as a lot of guidance. We split after differences in opinions and didnt really pursue anything for a while following that. Later I was approached by Keri (then Komplexx, now Hollywood Redd) to join a new group he had become a part of. It started off with me featuring on a track with Hollywood Redd and after that, I decided to join the camp. The group was called Metro Mafia: Hollywood Redd, a guy named Josh (Lil Jule), and myself (now Bless'd). We got turned on to Crowd Control Ent., headed by Ricardo Kelly and created a mixtape: "Throw Ya Hood Up, Vol 1". We sold a good number of copies on the street and in some local stores but noone ever really kept count. The spliting of the group came along when the CEO of our independent label began to disappear. Eventually he disappeared out the picture completely. We all, then, decided to do our own things; never officially seperating. I began working on some solo efforts which Im currently following up.

The name Bless'd was derived one day when I was in a Citi Trends parking lot and we (Illiance) were getting ready to send an audition cd off to some talen show rep. I didnt want to send it off with my name still being Lady Mc. I began to realize how lame the name was so I sat in the car and asked myself "What name best describes me?". During this time, I was more serious about my faith and worship. So I prayed and God blessed me with the name 'Bless'd'. It's stuck with me since then.

The thing that motivates me the most about being in the rap game is the lack of talent amongst some female mc's in the industry. It seems like the only way we could be hot or make it big is with provocative lyrics degrading ourselves and each other. Not saying that there's anything wrong with expressing ones self, but I think that its time for someone to break through on the same level as some of these heavy hitter guy in the industry. We should compete against them instead of competing against what little population we have in the industry. I vow to bring it like I know it. Talk about things I've lived through experience so others can relate. I vow to be REAL! It is what it is, and I dont plan to hide that. I believe that that is a major trait we are missing from the hip hop industry.

When I'm compared to other artists or asked to describe my style or who Im most like in the industry, I always get stumped. I have never been able to put myself next to another artist. So when I'm asked those questions, I just say "I sound like Bless'd". That's the only answer that I'm confident with.

Granite, not all females in the hip hop industry deserve to be criticized. There are some who I feel have represented hard for the ladies, such as: Lauren Hill, Shawnna, Eve and Missy Elliot. These are some of the female artists that have inspired me, along with Salt N Pepper and MC Lyte. Unfortunately, I have more male artists that I admire. Some that I look up to on my journey as a successful artist include: Eminem, Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Jay Z, Common and Lupe Fiasco. I enjoy lyrical content, but being south bred, the tracks have got to have that south side swag too.

Right now, Im working on my debut solo album "Let Me In", and trying to put together a collaborative lgbt mixtape called "Pride Talks Mixtape, Vol. 1" Needless to say, I am a member of the lesbian community and I feel it my duty to represent it. I want to teach the world to be more open-minded and let them know that just because I'm gay doesnt mean I dont know good music. 'Dont be alarmed, Im here'. I competed in numerous independent artist competitions and have been blessd to be the winner of some. Recently I won in a local competition held at 360 Bar and Grill hosted by Head Hunters and Lil Ru (Dont I Look Good). I am soon to drop the first hit single from the album called "Hater Blockaz" and following will potentially be "Swagg Like Dis". Stay posted for updates as well as Show dates near you.

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