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Blessed Be Thy Name


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The best kept secret in music


"Blessedbethyname - Phallus in Viscera"

With a title like Phallus in Viscera, you can easily figure out what this concept album is about. Or can you? The songwriting here is extremely visceral in the respect that the lyrics are deeply touching, far more than you may notice at first. Blessedbethyname play an interesting mix of heavy music that although not satanic in nature has a sort of Rosemary's Baby feel to it. The songs here are broken into five acts and the overall theme seems to be the mistrust that festers in any man/woman relationship, with side dishes of anger, guilt and hope for redemption. On some of the songs singer Eddie Kelly has his delivery buried under the music so you wouldn't necessarily know what he's singing about unless you're paying close attention, but on songs like the mostly acoustic "The Stillborn Whisper" his voice comes through clear and strong. The song drips with tragedy and proves Kelly to be a very strong lyricist. I would call this stuff progressive metal as despite the occasional screams and use of machine gun drums this five-piece likes to toy with the melody and throw in unexpected changes, a good deal of which come from the keyboard playing of Scott Swai. You'll hear influences ranging from Rob Zombie ("Festival") to Alice Cooper ("Harlots") to Nine Inch Nails ("Enslaved") but really Blessedbethyname beat their own path and this lengthy work gets better as it goes along. Whatever the story of Phallus in Viscera is in the band's mind, there is enough here for the listener to craft their own story, and that sort of mental participation makes this record a repeat-listen winner. These guys add to the fun with a bit of scary dress-up for their live show.

- RocknWorld

"The Divine Blasphemy"

True to its title, The Divine Blasphemy is a CD that conjures up images of ancient indiscretions, where the lines become blurred between good and evil.
The first track on the album, "Scripture" starts in with a tribal drumbeat that leads into a quote from Jesus of Nazareth before unleashing the voice of front man Eddie Kelly onto the battlefield. Kelly's voice is a mix between Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth), Marilyn Manson and something slightly serpentine. His voice is both guttural and melodic. This leaves me with the distinct impression that I am not listening to a new sound or album, but rather something that is ancient and that has been re-awoken with the romantic notion of destroying everything in sight and rebuilding it. "Hailing the Failing" throws bone-crunching guitar with pounding drums and unrelenting bass to give an almost militant feel. You won't find better lyrics from Skinny Puppy, or :wumpscut: either.

The lyrics definitely have an enlightened edge to them, choosing to state in "Sicklycle" that:

"All of us I have chosen / all of us I have spoken / all of us interwoven / I am the all of everything / leads back to me".

Try finding that sense of unity anywhere else. The crowning victory of this album is "Myriad" an epic that starts and ends like a Dead Can Dance song would aspire to. "Myriad" is laced so tight with emotional angst and release that it becomes necessary to reveal these emotions dancing inside you also. Ultimately, that is what this album is all about; Teaching your inner self to dance, to cry, to sing, and bash some heads in while you're at it.

- In Music We Trust


Blessed Be Thy Name- demo 1998
The Divine Blasphemy- LP 2002
The Empty- single 2003
Phallus In Viscera- full-length cd- 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


We are the Hymns of Whores and Heretics. The
Adagio of the Ancients. A Silent Scream Unearthed
from the well of the Wayfaring Wicked. An
onslought of Passion and Warfare. An Attack of
Animal and Instinct....

We are the Lustful ones...
We are the Risen.
We are the Lonely Tear. The Hammer and the Nail.
The Miscarriage Mother Mary had before her only
Son. We are the Glamour and the Glitz. The Needle
in the Whore. The Festival of the Flesh. The Feast.
The Banquet in the Porn. We are the Apocalyptic
Orgy. A Cacophony of Rage. A Symphony of Sex
and Sadness. The Hollow Harlots Fame. We're the
Esoterically Enlightened. The Dignity of the
Damned. The Virgin Blood of Venus. The Afterbirth
of Man...

We are the Divine Blasphemy...