Hardcore-Industrial-Metal music created and carried forth by perfection through passion and imperfection through structure, in the hands of musicians / performers who


We are the hymns of whores and heretics. The adagio of the ancients. A silent scream unearthed from the well of the wayfaring wicked. An onslaught of passion and warfare. An attack of animal and instinct. We are the lustful ones. We are the risen. We are the devils lonely tear. The hammer and the nail. The miscarriage Mother Mary had before her only son. We are the glamour and the glitz. The needle in the whore. The festival of flesh. The feast. The banquet in the porn. We are the apocalyptic orgy. A cacophony of rage. A symphony of sex and sadness. The hollow harlots fame. We are the esoterically enlightened. The dignity of the damned. The virgin blood of Venus. The afterbirth of man. We are the Divine Blasphemy. We are BLESSEDBETHYNAME!


Formed in 1997, the band underwent initial structural changes to emerge in 2002 as one of the leading powerhouse indie-metal groups with their release of The Divine Blasphemy. “The Divine Blasphemy is a CD that conjures up images of ancient indiscretions, where the lines become blurred between good and evil…. Kelly's voice is both guttural and melodic and something slightly serpentine…[I am listening to] something that is ancient and that has been re-awoken with the romantic notion of destroying everything in sight and rebuilding it…(In Music We Trust, 2002)�. Steadily increasing their solid and faithful fan base, BLESSED demonstrates their command of the stage, lives shows hailed as being "an exuberant view into the Soul and the Flesh through music (Metal County Fair, 2004)�. The bands exemplary precision and talent, on each of the members’ part, commands, in itself, the highest respect. The passion and energy of BLESSED is an undulating force that implores the depth of your soul to awaken, joining you, again, to the life force of the Universe. “If you haven't seen a BLESSEDBETHYNAME concert yet, then you are truly depriving yourself. This ticket is much more than a show, I would call it - a journey. These big bombers will take you to a time and place where electronic light, sound and guitar is law. BLESSED gives you a chance to journey within yourself. Here is a real escape; a brief shimmer of truth; an opportunity to hear whispers from the ancients while you can't help but fall into the cunning infectious sight and sound that is BLESSEDBETHYNAME (Dave Gregory, fan, 2007)�.

Set List

The typical set list begins with Festival of the Flesh, then snakes it's way through Now, Harlots Memiors, Riddles, Myriad, Vestigal, among other BLESSED favorites. Typically, BLESSED doesn't perform cover songs, although, they have been know to change it up quite oftern and will, on rare occassion, play a cover song