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Blessed Le Strange

Northridge, California, United States

Northridge, California, United States
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Blessed Le Strange @ House Of Blues

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Blessed Le Strange @ The Derby

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Blessed Le Strange @ The Good Hurt

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos


Recently a "Strange" band out of California added me on myspace, and after hearing the tracks they've got up so far, I decided to get in touch with the "Cabaret Roque" band, Blessed Le Strange for an interview, which they accepted graciously. Here's what they had to say:

First and foremost for our readers out there, ROLL CALL! Who are you all, and what do each of you do for the band?

Heys and Hellos, we're the infamous Blessed Le Strange, Kita, Matt, and Frankie IV. Kita sings lead Vox, Matt tickles the drums, and Frankie IV strums the guitars and bass.

What are some bands you look up to, either individually, or all together?

Kita: We draw inspiration from all different kinds of music; we all have such individual tastes that we can pool them all to get a truly eclectic mess of sounds we all vibe with. Bands like Queen, Muse, NIN, Bob Dylan, Tool, The Beatles, Bowie are favorites. We truly respect music that has resonance, you know, music that stands alone (away from a trend, or era) as simply timeless music.

Where did the inspiration come for the name Blessed Le Strange?

Kita: We think everyone is dying to embrace their eccentricities, a dark side, their dirty inclinations, their artistic fanaticism... whatever it is, it's different, it's Strange. We want everyone to know they're blessed to be Strange. It's what keeps us human in a world turning to plastic and dust. Blessed are the Strangers... shall we say. At the risk of sounding cliche, "normal" is vastly overrated.

Now your sound is very unique, to the point where you've made your own genre. How long did it take you to create this sound? Or did it just come naturally to you all?

Kita: We were so bored, so unexcited by everything out there. It was all just so blase, if you will. It seemed only natural to beg the question, "if you could do it yourself, how would you do it?". That's what this whole thing is about for us, doing something different... finding a new way to get off, a new way to remind listeners that music should get up and under you, take you somewhere.

Matt: For me I was just getting out of my metal phase and I was so bored with all the vocalists screaming or only belting one/two notes like Evanescence. Also the nostalgic haunt of jazz/cabaret was really striking me and I felt that other than a couple bands, no one was really trying to use these rich textures and themes that, once you hear them, immediately suggest to you a time, place, and decor. The "nostalgic haunt" and the heavy/dark style of metal/industrial did seem to coincide quite naturally for me, kind of running the Haunted House at Disneyland with Marilyn Manson.

Just as unique as your Cabaret Roque sound is your image, which can only be assumed that you created it around the cabaret sound you do have. Is that true? Or are there other motivations behind it?

Kita: Blessed Le Strange welcomes its citizen audience to a world all their own, a sanctuary with a whole mess of eccentricity and indulgence. There is something provocative about doing your own thing, we want to embrace the evocative. The stranger, the better; the more unique, fantastical, dirty... I don�t care. The question we ask of our listeners is "Now What Did You Say You Are?" ... say you�re "Strange" and come inside...

Frankie: For me, the image and the sound are inextricable from each other. As I said that jazz/cabaret sound paints an immediate image in your head and of course we adhere to that because it facilitates the music. Where we shine with image and music is that we stay away from just making replica of what has already happened, because our subtlety is where we as artists truly shine. Anyone can decide to throw on a top hat and look jazzy, or wear all black and be metal. But it's the seamless mixture of the two that makes for only one Blessed Le Strange.

One thing we don't see on myspace and stuff like that too often is band members having their own individual pages. Does that get difficult at all with fans adding you?

Kita: It's a bit difficult to keep the band separate from your personal life. We choose to be available to fans through the music, through the art. I get to be a contributing citizen of the world; I'm thrilled with anyone who'll listen.

Do you have any plans on releasing and EP or CD anytime soon?

We are currently recording our debut album. No really, we're doing this interview from the studio...

Any touring plans at all? Maybe a trip up to Canada or something?

Kita: We are foaming at the mouth to get out there and tour! We can't wait to finish recording our Debut album, then get out there and spread the gospel, man. We have a lot of fabulous fans that go to our Myspace and ask us to come put a show on in their town, so as soon as we are able, I promise, we're going everywhere and anywhere... to the moon, as they say.

The Sound Faction is made up of five girls and one guy who are all random at best, love to laugh and make others laugh. We try to ask all our interviewees five random questions. So here goes.

What's your favourite 5-letter word?

Kita: Peace.

Matt: Naive

Frankie IV: Rogue

If you could have any non-standard superpower (flying, x-ray vision, etc... comic book stuff), what would yours be?

Kita: I think I'd want to be able to spontaneously manifest food chains. Come on this is sooo helpful on tour... or maybe tickling you without touching, yeah that would be entertaining... especially with all the grandiose Affliction-wearing pricks in L.A. Seriously think of the last douchebag you met, giggling uncontrollably...

Matt: I would have the power to be able to bring dead plants back to life. It would make the evil-doers work impossible!

Frankie IV: I would change into Vegeta from Dragonball Z, so I could be the prince of all Saiyans!

What's your favourite song on Guitar Hero?

Kita: I've gone deaf (by necessity) to Guitar Hero, my drummer (ironically) is the best guy I've ever seen at guitar hero.

Matt: "Jessica" by the Allman Brothers

Frankie IV: "Lay It Down" by Priestess

If you were a flavour of potato crisp, what one would you be?

Kita: BBQ probably, 'cause I'm spicy (ok I'm totally not serious, but now I can say I've actually said that)

Matt: I'd be grape.

Frankie IV: Salt and Vinegar.

If you could be any old school rock god for a day, how would you abuse the power?

Kita: Tell people to go out and buy my records; people don't buy music anymore.

Matt: Overdose? I know it's a little over the top, but hey anything goes.

Frankie IV: I'd be Elton John, and sign over the rights to his songs, to the former Me.

Thanks again to Blessed Le Strange for talking with us! Be sure to check out the band's MySpace, and let us, and them, know what you think! - Sound Faction

I am always trying to find originality in bands and I've come across a band that is sooooo soothing to the deliciously want to be invited to their next tea to join us? SO....I introduce to you, from Los Angeles, California....BLESSED LE on their name to get to their profile....

BLESSED LE STRANGE....the stranger the better....THE top and maybe the only metal lounge band with a twist of burlesque and vaudeville you will ever hear of or see!!! Hats off to you Kita and that beautiful voice and we won't forget the boys in the the cue of Cirque Du Soleil...AWF APPROVED!!!! WE LOVE YOU BLESSED LE STRANGE!!
PUBLISHER & EDITOR-IN-CHIEF"\ - Alternative World Fanzine


Still working on that hot first release.



L.A. natives and rock tribe, Blessed Le Strange, have over 8 MILLION hits on Myspace with a ravenous and ever-growing digital fan-base. In 2010, Blessed Le Strange sold out the Viper Room, Troubadour, El Rey Theatre, The Roxy, & the mainstage of The House of Blues on the legendary Sunset Strip. Infamous for their eccentric and electrifying live show, (coined "Voodoo rock shows"), The rock tribe gypsies have become infamous for playing tunes so infectious and hypnotizing, you'll swear they didn’t name it "Voodoo rock" for nothing.

The STRANGE Tribe asks you to SHOW US YOUR STRANGE!!