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Houston, Texas, United States

Houston, Texas, United States
Band Hip Hop Gospel


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Gospel rapper Bless’t should have been the next A-Rod – literally. Born Adrian Rodriguez, the lifelong baseball fanatic (his family claims he knew how to throw a ball before he could walk) was told his athletic skills were pointing to a scholarship at the prestigious Rice University.

But at the age of 14, the cash and flash of the drug game provided more immediate satisfaction than knowledge of the delayed gratification and rewards of college. As such, Adrian became an addict - in more ways than one.

Lackadaisical parental oversight in his Houston home didn’t help. His father was an alcoholic. His mother ran an abortion clinic in the Valley and was often on the road and out of Adrian’s life. At one point, just a few years removed from batting practice, he even used his mom as a “mule” to run drugs across the Mexican border by hiding packages in her car’s trunk.

Drugs took him away from school and into dark places. Eventually, and occasionally, he even found himself behind bars.

Then members of his family started to attend a church and their lives began to change. Adrian was invited to do the same and allowed the Holy Spirit to work within his heart.

A fan of mainstream hip hop figures DJ Screw and UGK, Adrian began to express his new faith by writing rap lyrics. He assumed the stage name Bless’t and began to perform and release Christian street music with other believers.

Although he backslid, he admits that many times “Bless’t” ministered to “Adrian Rodriguez” the most.

“In my music, you’ll never hear me sound like the perfect Christian,” Bless’t says. “You’ll hear about my trials and tests that turn into my testimony and how, when I really let the power of Jesus’ sacrifice and the guidance of the Holy Spirit rule my life, I am able to live a much richer life.”

A pivotal moment in his music career came during Bless’t’s performance at the 2007 Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards. The thumping bassline of his song “That Jesus” proved to be too much for the rented system and the sound went out. Bless’t, showing himself to be a professional, continued to sing the hook and kept the crowd involved.

Event founder Bobby “Tre9” Herring was impressed with Bless’t’s character during that moment and the two began to form a deeper friendship. With Tre9’s guidance and feedback, Bless’t began to improve both the spiritual and sonic quality of his music.

“Tre’s involvement with my ministry really took it to the next level,” Bless’t says. “I’m so glad I got to know him better and believe I’m a more effective communicator of the gospel now because of it.”

Bless’t’s current project is a four song EP titled Rise-n-Shine. Listeners also get bonus, “chopped-n-screwed” remixes (by former Choppoholix member DJ Ovadose) of each track for a total, eight song package.

Topics cover the unglamorized underbelly of the drug trade, Bless’t’s love for and responsibility to his family, proper motivation for ministry, and his gratitude for God’s gifts.

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