Bless You Boys

Bless You Boys


We are an Alternative Rock band drawing on influences from Jimmy Eat World and Radiohead to The Beatles and "Pet Sounds" era Beach Boys. We focus on quality at every level from the music to the presentation, making sure every detail of this band is top notch.


Bless You Boys is a four-piece rock combo hailing from Grand Rapids, MI. The band was formed in 2006 by frontman and lead vocalist Chris Andrus, " of the most promising songwriters on the Michigan music scene today (The Grand Rapids Press, 2005)."

Made up of Andrus, guitarist/vocalist Brad Lawrence, bassist Steve Sullivan and drummer Brad Harris, "Bless You Boys have cultivated an original sound, eking out a niche in local music and separating itself from the all-too-common emo and power-pop scenes (The Grand Rapids Press, 2006)."

While drawing influence from artists like the Beatles, Brian Wilson, Jeff Buckley, and Radiohead, the members of Bless You Boys are intensely focused on originality and innovation. Their songs feature inventive harmonies, original melodies and chord changes, and concise arrangements. "Bless You Boys' songs tend to be quick and poppy with a nostalgic air that betrays the musicians' muses, classic and modern (The Grand Rapids Press yet again, 2006)."


Armed to the Teeth (2007)
The Still Life (2008)

Set List

Anna My Friend
Into the Other
At the End of the Day
Hand to Mouth
Genius and Germs
Arrivals and Departures
Carry Me Home
Molly and the Dressmaker
Why Don't We Do It In The Road (The Beatles)

Usual sets are 45 minutes but we can play up to 2 hours of originals if need be.