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Checkout our songs on Myspace ( We are currently recording a CD for release this summer.



Blether is an Ithaca-based power pop quartet who fuse high energy guitar riffs with ear-candy melodies and bursts of jagged dissonance. Inspired by the likes of the Beatles, Bowie, Radiohead, and Wilco, Blether builds powerful arrangements, textured rhythms, and epic, distortion-drenched crescendos around songs you could sing with only an acoustic guitar. The band plays at venues in and around Ithaca, New York, including the Haunt, the Rongo, Micawber's, and Maxie's. The band is currently in the studio recording their first album for release in Summer 2008.

Matt (vocals, guitar) gigged around Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston with the indie rock bands Dead by Friday, Mouse, and Jackass Punch. His songwriting is the foundation of Blether. He's desperate to write a song with two chords and no chorus that is still worth listening to. So far he has failed. In his next life he would like to be Bjork.

Steve (lead guitar) has never heard of half the bands the younger guys in the group cut their teeth on and has no idea what "indie rock" means. He thinks true rock-and-roll lies somewhere between Ziggy Stardust and the Cars' eponymous first album. He might be right. And he can play the guitar solo from half the rock songs from the seventies note for note.

Pat (bass) spends his days as an eco-friendly pest management specialist and is familiar to most in the area as "the Bug Man." He brings tasteful bass melodies, infectious enthusiasm, and a wealth of gnarly rock-and-roll facial expressions to the band, not to mention the requisite monster bottom end.

Nick (drums) studied percussion at Ithaca College and gigs with upstate New York orchestras when he's not playing with Blether. He knows fancy things like rudiments and how to play with mallets. Despite these credentials, he's failed to make the band respectable. And he's got a cool, bushy beard.

Blether (rhymes with "leather") is a Scottish term for "one who chatters incessantly." Matt's mother used to call him that in her Groundskeeper Willy brogue. The other band members express their ambivalence about the name with their forced smiles and pained expressions. But Matt dialed up the MySpace site before they could protest, and now they are stuck with it.

To book Blether, contact Matt at 607-229-0957 or