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"Even when working overtime, Bleu’s upbeat"

Bleu’s back in town, and he’s doing exactly what he promises on “One Day,’’ a sweeping power ballad from his just-released solo album, “A Watched Pot.’’ He’s having the last laugh at hard times, and with good reason...

...“A Watched Pot’’ is loaded with precisely the kind of lush production and sugary pop rushes that have long been Bleu’s blueprint. This is, after all, a guy who’s written songs with the Jonas Brothers (he shared a co-writing credit for “That’s Just the Way We Roll’’) and Hanson (“Go,’’ which appears on “A Watched Pot,’’ was written with Zach Hanson and Shannon Curfman and released on Hanson’s 2007 CD, “The Walk’’). Not coincidentally, Bleu grew up addicted to the candied production techniques Robert “Mutt’’ Lange employed on all those Def Leppard (and Shania Twain) albums, and he counts ex-Electric Light Orchestra leader-turned-producer Jeff Lynne as one of his idols.
- Jonathan Perry
- Boston Globe

"Inspired and Inspiring — “A Watched Pot” Comes To Life For Bleu" see Bleu release A Watched Pot this week (July 14, 2009) is nothing short of inspired and inspiring. Back in 2005 he was all set to share the album with the world but found himself dropped from Aware/Columbia Records along with other artists and employees during a label “reorganization.”

A lot of musicians would understandably have just given up. But Bleu worked to get those songs back from the label so he could eventually release the album elsewhere (Artist Garage/Fontana Distribution). And it’s all finally happening for him today. Amazing and awesome!

A Watched Pot is a gem of pop rock awesomeness — eleven songs of awesomeness to be precise.
- Sooz
- Exploit Boston

"Review of "A Watched Pot""

...Beautifully arranged tracks, backed by Bleu’s unique vocals create a perfect blend.

...One listen to A Watched Pot and you’ll not only understand why Bleu fought so hard to have this album released, you’ll be so glad that he did. This album deserves to be heard.
- Chad
- Alternative Addiction

"CD Review: Bleu “A Watched Pot”"

Bleu needs no introduction to readers of my blog, so I will cut right to the chase and tell you that his new record, “A Watched Pot” is nothing short of brilliant.
- Bill Sullivan - the Rock and Roll Report

"Indie Hour: Bleu"

This album is a testament to perseverance.

A Watched Pot is a tremendous showcase for Bleu’s talents as a songwriter and musician who is clearly methodical in his approach to music. The album is rich with instrumentation and musical contrasts that give the songs tremendous emotional punch. Quiet verses crescendo to soaring choruses, often punctuated by Bleu’s falsetto and earnest vocals. It all comes together to give his songs a theatrical quality.
- Mayer Danzig - Twangville

"Bleu "A Watched Pot""

...his epic and much anticipated sophomore album, A Watched Pot.

Here’s hoping that the freeing of A Watched Pot signals Bleu’s return to a more frequent release schedule; we need this guy and his songs on an annual basis.
- Brian Baker - Amplifier Magazine

"What we're watching and listening to right now"

I admit it, I’m a sucker for power-pop, and Boston-based (and Berklee School of Music-trained) Bleu’s A Watched Pot offers my favorite confection in spades.
- Christopher Breen - Macworld


Bleu - "A Watched Pot" - 2009 Artist Garage/Fontana Distribution::

• Produced by John Fields (uber pop producer - Rooney, Jonas Brothers, Paul Westerberg, Jon McLaughlin, Jimmy Eat World, Evan Taubenfeld, Switchfoot) Except tracks 6, 7, 8, 11 produced by Bleu
• Features background vocals by Andy Sturmer of Jellyfish on "No Such Thing As Love"
• Features Michael Bland of Prince and The New Power Generation on drums, tracks 1-5 and 9
• Features Zac Hanson of Hanson on drums, "I Won't Fuck You Over (This Time)"
• Features background vocals by Taylor Locke of Rooney on "One Day,” and guitar playing by Alex Necochea of Bang Camaro on tracks 1, 2, 4 and 7

Bleu - "The Blizzard of '05" - 2007 (iTunes & Amazon MP3 digital self-release)

L.E.O. - "Alpacas Orgling" - 2006 Cheap Lullably Records

Bleu - "Redhead" - 2003 Aware/Columbia Records

Bleu - "Headroom" - 2000 Lunch Records



Bleu’s third studio album has been a long journey and a story of persistence and triumph. Recorded in 2005, it is the album that all Bleu fans want to own, but almost never could. A WATCHED POT was originally recorded for Aware/Columbia Records as a follow up to Bleu’s critically-acclaimed 2003 record “Redhead.” NPR listed “Redhead” as one of the Top 10 records of the year, and during that time Bleu was touring with hit acts like John Mayer, Switchfoot, and Ryan Adams and wowing crowds across the country with his unique songs and passionate performances.

Only a few weeks after the final tracks of A WATCHED POT were recorded with John Fields, Bleu was dropped from the label along with dozens of other acts and employees involved in Sony’s ongoing downsizing. But instead of accepting defeat, Bleu continued to play these new songs for his devoted fan base while working tirelessly to get his record released from his former label. He also took the opportunity to pursue many other creative adventures.

Moving from Boston to Los Angeles in 2006, Bleu released a side-project CD L.E.O. “Alpacas Orgling” (a power-pop collective with friends like Andy Sturmer of Jellyfish, Steve Gorman of The Black Crowes and Jason Scheff of Chicago), as well as starting The Major Labels (a power-pop band with Mike Viola and Ducky Carlisle), and LoudLion (a pop-metal homage featuring members of Rooney, The Donnas, and Bang Camaro, amongst others). LA also proved to be the perfect place for Bleu to pursue his burgeoning career as a professional songwriter and producer, but releasing A WATCHED POT never faded from the forefront of his creative goals. And...with a little (well, a lot of) persistence, he finally acquired the rights to material that Bleu describes as being at his creative heart and soul. Bleu says “these songs are my emotional progeny. I think they represent an honest record of the fears and heartache, as well as the hope and fantasies that encircled me during that chaotic time in my life.”

The here and now finds Bleu at the top of his game. In the past few years he has had numerous songs cut by top-acts like the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Boys Like Girls, Hanson, Kate Veogele, Jon McLaughlin and Evan Taubenfeld, who’s first single is his adaptation of Bleu’s fan-favorite (and A WATCHED POT highlight track) “Boy Meets Girl.” He’s recently played shows with friends like Mike Viola and Rooney, and is booked to hit all of his major markets and then some in support of A WATCHED POT.

With an album full of soaring melodies, meticulously crafted productions and sincere, yet inventive lyrics, Bleu fans will wait no more for this pot to boil....”It truly means the world to me to finally get this record released. It always feels good to put your art out in to the world, but after all I’ve gone through for this material to see the light of day, the reward is particularly sweet.”

In the fall of 2009, Bleu is preparing for another round of shows in Los Angeles, Boston, NYC and Nashville, plus this year’s power-pop festival in Charlotte, NC.

Bleu will also begin songwriting for Mom’n’Pop Records (Michael Goldstone) recently signed band TV/TV from NYC. Bleu produced and co-wrote their summer Warped Tour EP “Not Enough Red.” He will also be writing with acts like Drake Bell (from Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh), Chris Mann and other artists…

In early 2010, Bleu plans to release his fourth studio CD “Four,” written and produced by himself and recorded with his long-time friend and Boston engineer Ducky Carlisle.