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“He's one of the most positive yet bitter MCs you'll ever have the pleasure of nodding your head to. In a single line, he'll sound as political as Noam Chomsky, as dirty as 2 Live Crew and as emotionally fragile as a young girl's diary entry.” Raf katigbak (Montreal Mirror)


In this age of war, confusion, and numbness, Bleubird comes barging in unhindered and unannounced. Flying the flags of rebellion, honesty, and self-expression, his music is the reflection of a life lived within the struggle; the soundtrack of an artist attempting to swim against the current without drowning or shedding his integrity. “Masked beneath the oddities, Bleubird’s true self becomes evident. He is a man on a musical mission who has sacrificed relationships and stability, loves his family, fears for his country’s demise, and refers to God as ‘she’.” Sonya Tomlinson (Portland Phoenix)

Performing with intensity and passion bird continues to tour the United States, Canada, and Europe with his eyes set on Japan and Australia for the upcoming year. This show is forever on the road, only stopping home in Montréal to record and work a grip of odd jobs like a professional factotum. Drawing inspiration from diverse life experiences and a solid work ethic, seeking to challenge and entertain audiences and minds of all types.

He is driven by progressive sounds and ideas, and a need to make a difference; working both with sample based and live musicians from around the world to continue pushing the music in new directions. Bleubird is a rapper, but think Abbie Hoffman meets Jello Biafra meets Propaghandi...rapping, respecting tradition but shrugging off it’s limitations, betraying with a kiss. A provocative spectacle of humor and social commentary smashed together into a sloppy package of finesse and undeniable energy. Buy this car, support post rap.



Written By: J.Bruna

First Verse
Welcome to the playground nothing you say matters,
Burn me a cigarette paint me a tiger,
Living in an alternate environment adorned with the polished jewels of self secrecy,
I’m a broken robot with tampered circuitry and tempered urgency a bull’s-eye coward,
Climbing to the top of the tower
With a ladder made of broken promises and candy rappers,
I don’t want to be a rapper I don’t want to be a poet,
I just want to be alive and I don’t want to have to know it,
Lost in the feeling of self indulgent shallow honesty,
Living the blame game riding the lame train,
Locked in a shoe box feed like a horse,
Tangled in a spider web is better then being dead,
How fun it is to be alive and eat your own appendages,
Load me in a sling shot channel me a super hero listen to the glass shatter never look back,
You little plastic play thing doubt my devotion do your job and eat your pills,
I’m a beast in a bedroom gonna be dead soon no one’s gonna love me I’m too scary,
Screaming at the top of my lungs for the fun of feeling sorry for myself while looking at the dream I’ve been working for,
Eyes closed in a candy store,
Trusting a feeling that’s known to fail,
The farther I get in this forest the deeper the emptiness weighs on my courage,
It’s always the dumb ones who easily temp me,
I’m searching for strength in the heads of the empty,
Everything comes with a price we’re paying for love with the blood of our youth,
And the money is burning a hole in my chest,
Yeah the world is watching but they’re not listening and I’m too negative, see no evil,
Rather run from a dog then submit to a snake,
Yeah I can’t change the world but I don’t live in yours,
If it’s nothing you want then it’s nothing you get,
But who’s to say which path is brighter better start walking the talk if I’m gonna survive,
I’m alone and bitter but I’m still alive and I do what I love with the help of good friends,
You know what to do with that contract,
You know what to do with that guilt,
You know what to do with that contract,
And that guilt,

Every person makes a decision about the way they’re living,
You could be giving it more than you know you’re capable of,
There’s something inside of you that awakens in solitude,
I say Dig me a shallow grave next to a cemetery,
Attitude is everything and everything is temporary,
If I die tomorrow at least I made this song,
I’m still dreaming like a teenage fan,
Love is rare so I run like hell to the devil herself for another let down,
I am a one-man army of indestructible effort,
You could never put me down farther than I can dig myself,
Some of us focus more than others,
Waste of time it has no meaning,
Keep screaming at yourself from a distant bleacher and burn your fuse it’s everlasting,
When it’s finished you won’t be around to care,
I scare my mom because being broke don’t scare me,
Never compare me to a beam of light with a battery pack and an empty heart,
I have x-ray vision and I write my own script,
Don’t kiss my ass before you bite your lip,
Right now makes it all worth it,
Nothing is perfect,
Choking on bird shit but I’m dreaming awake,
How far can I take it before I dismantle the possibility of anything else?
If I’m already thinking of death than I’m wasting my breath,
Oh importance is wishy washy,
Shifting gears and changing lanes,
Riding empty trains full of innocent bystanders,
We make these choices for no good reason,
I can’t even begin to explain myself,
All the fulfillment I need is in other peoples trust,
They’ve already given it to me with high expectations,
And there’s no looking back or falling apart.

The Boogieman Screams Like a Girl

Written By: J.Bruna

First Verse
I don't know who my god is but when he speaks to me I listen clearly,
Call it voices in my head or heroes in my headphones today,
You ever hear your name spoke in a song that doesn't exist? Yesterday I was by myself surrounded by people all day,
Don’t cry for the candles burning I’ve got nothing else to live for yet,
Families crumble under the rumble of relaxed lifestyles,
Wild and untamed the broken unframed 8x10 with burnt edges I am, soon to be faded memories or buried treasure,
Fire made me run from the only place that I felt comfortable,
An apple would do me good but the sour taste will have to do for now,
I walk a thin line between walking a thin line and pretending to,
I’ll stop writing in other people’s voices when the choice presents itself,
This year it's coming I can feel it but it's not there when I look for it yet,
Bury my nose in a book for a minute and look up only when I want the sun to burn my eyes,
Tears put out the flame for the names I’ve forgotten,
I’ve made an honest effort to avoid comfort and not leave anyone behind,
But feet get stuck in the sand when shoes land in convenient corners,
I run, towards the sun or away...whatever direction I happened to get pulled today,
It’s chicken scratch and chain link fences,
Yesterday means nothing after tonight,
Reading by window light next to sleeping strangers helplessly arranged,
Pardon my characteristics and pheromones if you will for a long day,
Riding together aimless to a common destination with different purpose,
I left my heart in a guestroom closet in Portland one more time just to spite what I might have lost in Aspen,
I want to know where and when the magic happens and does it stay with you?
I enjoy listening to other people’s opinions then brushing them off with a childish smile,
Sometimes you get what you want and other times you get nothing,
Is something really better than torturing yourself nightly,
Cigarettes burn and the people die slow,
Wearing a dust mask in a dust cloud of nuclear fallout,
Like bringing a peace pipe to a gun show or a sword with a crucifix for a handle,
Better prepare a better story,
Let Jesus do all the killing while the blade weeps for fallen glory,
I’ve seen the same movies over and over again with different titles,
I can't explain the moment if you weren't there to see it,
Happy with a construction job is like dying without traveling,
There’s people who think in different languages and express global compassion outwardly,
Delirium is sugar in my coffee,
Wake up I never went to sleep.
If I give you change will it ever occur?
I blind myself with constant questions my pen cuts the paper inraes indentions pages thick,
My words are sick of me watching so I close my eyes and place my trust in glides of ballpoint fate,
Hopefully they'll demonstrate what I was thinking when I was sinking awake,
There’s an old saying it goes nobody knows what the fuck is going to happen next!

Why don't we take the chance?
Is it gravity holding us down to advance in the cycle or circle of life that we're living and constantly giving up?

Chorus repeat


The Pope and The President

Second Verse
This is church and state,
Business and pleasure
B-boys and bull’s-eyes,
A series of pulleys and tunicates burning in flawless design,
Rome wasn't built in a day but god was,
Which was greater
Look to the sky the answers lie in a smoldering pot of confusion embedded in rhetoric coded then folded and eaten by mindless beasts
Who feast on the fact that we're gullible sacks of desired conditioning listening eagerly awaiting instruction,
Self-destructive animal farm,
Disarm the dinosaurs holding the hierarchy,
Invert the pyramid live off the irony,
Too many people in power results in a shower of sentiment,
Chaos is eminent,
Laws upon laws permits flaws of morality,
Driven by salary,
Backed by the cavalry,
Bullets fly,
And Americans cry...when America cry's the world listens,
Do me a solid and switch the positions,
If others would do onto us as we do onto them would the means justify the end?
Or are we an evil disguised in prosperity,
Bathing in blood and destroying humanity,
Plaguing the very existence of anything other than trying to cover the world in our product,
Eclipsing the sun with our nuclear dicks

Chorus x 3

Matt Dylan

Written By: J.Bruna

(Immortal is gonna be a dada soon)
Let’s do it for Johnny man, let’s do it for Johnny!

First Verse
Everybody throw your faith at the giant baby eating lawn mower,
No dollar coins or golden eggs for the man make-up and hairpieces,
Thesis pre-judged,
I’m a finger pointer and guilty joiner of currents flowing the right way,
Today it changes aimless focused no dust for the digital quickly leaping blind,
Behind is ok,
As long as you know where you are today tomorrow can fuck off,
I’m a buck soft of a hard mill (ion) or a cool one for keepsake,
When we break the sound barrier with a harrier jet from Pee Wee’s playhouse,
Not a mouse stirs in the desert for fear that we might get hurt,
Or get off on a million miseries,
Go suck a mystery for every army base we never abandoned,
I want my New York Times with rhyming headlines just to defy my gut feeling,
If it’s not a glass ceiling it’s an invisible plane,
And wonder woman ain’t driving,
I thrive on the ridiculous notion that somehow it’s all gonna be ok,
But every day we die harder with nothing else to say,
You can’t pray to your season tickets but you can punch sand to toughen up,
Cynical so what this isn’t 2004 it’s Never-Never land,
The dreamers always hold the better hand this is so hip hop that it sucks,
I’m packing' me a rucksack of anti depressants and grammar lessons
And tossing them to the river,
Let the garbage eat itself for dinner,
Until this all fades to poor black now walk into the rich white light,
And have a couple of kids so you can lie to their little faces
About distant places and the dangers of the skin type kind,
Am I out of my mind or in the back of yours?
We only fight from behind closed doors,
Crack a Coors light and go fly a kite on an Indian reservation,
Sunday family picnic desecration,
Poor people have to work for their money,
Rich people have enough to make more,
Should I borrow the bank and go for it
Or stay home working safe and die in a car accident?
Miracles happen go for broke and dolo (self) someone else will love you,
What’s the difference I just wanna make my imprints,
Wash away a good man and live burning happy,
Let’s talk about taking turns and making things happen,
Something grows on trees,
I’m just a small axe with a broke handle please dismantle me when I die,
I’ll buy you everlasting happiness,
Bite steel or build something beautiful,
I wanna know what the air smells like on the top of a mountain
In a country I can’t pronounce,
Free plane tickets and food vouchers I can’t run my mouth forever,
But I can run to the end of the world,
Waste not want want,
A spot of depression and a lesson learned burning money and taking pictures,
Live for love and little things with big ideas and open eyes,
We’re all gonna kill everybody it’s just a matter of memories,
Remember me and the way I make fun of myself, do what you’re gonna do oh I told you!
Tell me a secret I’ll give you a reason to kill yourself or fake your own death,
La la la la la la la la la la la la la al al al queda la la la la
(Bitching doesn’t fix anything; I never said I would try)

Look me in the eyes and tell me I love you
I’m not scared of you


*Rip U$A-the birdfleu-2LP-Endemik/Hectic Recs(2007)
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• Pilgrim of St.Zotique - 12"EP - Endemik Music (2006)
• From Supercold to Superheat - CD - Steve Todd + the Bird Music (2006)
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• Sloppy Doctor - 2LP - Endemik Music/Vinyl Kingz (2004)
• Sloppy Doctor - CD - Endemik Music (2003)
• Does Mans Short Life Span Make Any Sense - CD-r - Independent (2002)

• Nuccini! - Matter of Love and Death - CD/LP - 2nd Rec (2006)
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• Rushya (Ancient Mith and XNDL) - Split - 12" Subbversiv*rec (2005)
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• Zucchini Drive - Being Kurtwood - CD/LPD - 2nd rec (2006)
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• Sole - Live From Rome - CD/LP - Anticon (2005)
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• Gunporn - Pretty Pretty Please - CD/LP - Shadowanimals/Subversiv*rec (2004)
• Les Swashbuckling Napoleons - 7" - RightLeft Records (2003)
• SMTH - The Mic Chord Noose Theory - CD (2000)

• Beyond Space Vol.2 - CD/LP - Beyond Space/Subversive*rec (2005)
• Moon-circle Project Presents Lunar Orbit EP - LP - Mooncirle Projects (2005)

Set List

Set list is different each performance. Set usually consists of new songs from most recent album. You can also expect spoken word and freestyles.