Bleu Sturgeon

Bleu Sturgeon

 Redmond, Washington, USA
BandRockAdult Contemporary

Big fresh rock that tells mature and humourous stories of juvinile love angst. Super catchy guitar riffs, super harmonies, and effective song writing will capture your interest. Sporty performance and humour will ensure Bleu Sturgeon stays in your CD changer, and gets invited back to your party.


Bleu Sturgeon spawned from Acquired Taste NW who have gigged in Woodinville for 4 years. Average gig size is 200-300 people. Bleu Sturgeon started with the solo project Mother of All Guitars recorded for radio in 2008. The intention of Bleu Sturgeon was to deliver original music to the Eastside and Greater Seattle area via live performances and the rest of the world via digital media. Recording at Synergy, Robert Lang Studios, London Bridge and The Meat Locker has focused on exploiting strong song writing, harmonies, and heavy beat with catchy rock style riff-based music.
High energy big sound is reminiscent of contemprorary rock bands, yet, with the effective song writing of earlier days in pop music history. Huge drums and rippin melodic riffs help augment the strong song writing.


Mother of All Guitars is Bleu Sturgeon's debut Album. Currently available at Live streaming available at\bleusturgeon.

Set List

Set list consists of songs from Mother of All Guitars and approximately 20 songs targeted for Album 2. With 60 rock standard cover tunes to choose from Bleu Sturgeon can ensure that any crowd is pleased.