the CHRiST GANG / Blew flame
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the CHRiST GANG / Blew flame

Band Christian Gospel


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Blew Flame
The Repentance Mixtape - 2005
Blew Flame & Young Saint
Repent or DIE Mixtape - 2006
Just Repent - 2007
(new members)
Repent and Live LIVE - 2007
The Virginity Album - 2007



As a native of Washington D.C, I was fortunate enough to be born in Washington Hospital Center in Northwest. And now a native of, the Kingdom of GOD, I was ultimately fortunate enough, to be reborn in Gethsemane Baptist Church, also, in Northwest. Coming fresh of the streets, as a college drop-out, potential most wanted fugitive, and a STD statistic, it was definitely GOD’s will. One of the things, I remember, as I was organizing a massacre in my neighborhood, all that would ring through my soul, was THOU SHALT NOT KILL, in a strong whisper. It happened so much, I would drown, my self in weed smoke and Beanie Sigel songs, so it would stop.

The LORD has delivered me, all the way, from pornography, drugs, sex, stds, alcohol, un-godly music, places, and people. If it wasn’t for HIM, in every way, I would not have strength to stand with, a face, easy on the eyes to take a picture of, or freedom. The LORD has given me a purpose to tell any and everybody about HIM, and what HE can do for them, if they just Confess their SIN, Repent from their SIN, Accept HIM in their Life, and OBEY what HE says. If you OBEY, you won’t go back to the other side, unless you pulling somebody up. You will read your bible, you will study HIS word, you, will meditate on it. You will not just be a hearer, but also a doer, and that I promise.

The Ministry GOD has given me, keeps me out of trouble. As much as I help people, pray for them, and all that. I need it too!. I have this group of special people in my life, called “the WAR Counsel”, and they often warn me, confirm visions, mentor, and minister to me as well. A lot of people are NOT Spiritual, but “the WAR Counsel” is, and so am I. We PRAY, more than we do anything else. Praise to GOD who answers prayers. The Holy Ghost, has given us Spiritual Gifts of healing, prophecy, deliverance, Sight into the Spirit Realm, tongues, and many more. This music is a tool to draw, the Not Spiritual, and a Gift for the Soul, to the Spiritual. The Repent of DIE, Just Repent, and Repent and LIVE message is for ALL. Ezekiel 18:30-32, and that’s my and our message.