Blind Assumption

Blind Assumption


Thier music is a fusion of heavy, melodic riffs and catchy breakdowns peppered with ripping solos. The sound is topped off with emotionally charged vocals, booming basslines and intricate drum patterns to create a powerfully driven rollercoaster of Hard Rock Bliss.


Formed in August of 2008, Blind Assumption has become a household name in the South Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island Areas playing many local shows and creating a large fan base. Based out of Taunton MA, Blind Assumption practices at Mass Music Complex. Since August '08, they have written 9 full songs and they cover Tool's Sober. Blind Assumption has shared the stage with bands such as Break the Dark, Mind of Ein, This Is Us, Acerose, and many many more. Future shows show line ups with bands such as Cherry S/T, Streamline, Before the Fall and more!



Written By: Dorian Edgerly

Lying down she feels forced out
There's no denying this
Tracing shadows on the wall
With her fingertips
She holds herself in her own arms
While staring at the ceiling
A lump has hardened in her throat
'Cause she can't find...

She digs in to herself
To let her pain come out but yet nothing satisfies
Needles fill the empty
And break her skin before her eyes

She feels a tear fall from her cheek
Onto the back of her hand
She promised herself she'd get help
If she could bring herself to stand
Minutes passed her by
But she wasn't finished yet
Something that she did
Was finally having an effect


Resolve This

Written By: Dorian Edgerly

Need to pause this moment
To feed my helpless soul
Lead me to an exit
That leads me from this world
Just for a moment...
Call me what you want to
I'm naked and alone
I'll make an easy target
To throw your sticks and stones
Just for a moment...

I can't resolve this
All on my own
Help me to solve this
Don't leave me alone

Now it's cold and damp in here
I think I'm falling ill
Feed me with solace
Just for a moment...


We Are The Embers

Written By: Dorian Edgerly

The war is over, the fire's out
And what's left over is the smoldering remains
Of what we used to know
And what we used to fear
Has now become what's real
And everything we took for granted is nowhere to be found

The horizon bleeds today
To wash us all away

There's no more violence, there's no more love
There's only silence and the burned remains of us
And the world we used to know
The sky is beautiful
But no one will ever know
'Cause there's nothing left but the sky above and the embers down below



Demo '08:
1.) Cutter
2.) Resolve This
3.) We Are The Embers

Blind Assumption is going into the studio in March of 2009!

Set List

1.) Everything Wrong
2.) Cutter
3.) Make It Through
4.) Nothing
5.) Elucidate and Recommence
6.) Make It Right
7.) Resolve This
8.) The Res
9.) We Are the Embers

We also cover "Sober" from Tool.

The set list is about 55 minutes long