Blind Corn Liquor Pickers

Blind Corn Liquor Pickers

 Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Kentucky bluegrass stretched to it's modern limits, driven by drums and electric guitar and powered by vocals that will make myths of your daily routines.


Raised on rock-and-roll and trained in Kentucky bluegrass, the Blind Corn Liquor Pickers have been living on the ragged edge of the genre for over a decade now, playing what one critic has dubbed "revisionist bluegrass". On Myths & Routines, their fourth album, electric guitar and drums are added to the bluegrass-y mix, pulling the sound even further from the traditional shore. It's the songwriting, though, that continues makes this band stand apart.
The themes are more personal than on previous efforts where humorous genre send-ups, fiery political anthems or foot-stomping moonshine-drenched party songs carried the day. On Myths & Routines, The Blind Corn Liquor Pickers find themselves in a bit of a midlife crisis. The song cycle breaks with mood-pieces on heartache and stagnancy and resolves by its end to a rollicking treatise on living life in the moment, all of which the listener can feel in the soaring, emotive lead vocals of Beth Walker and the densely arranged, high-octane musical performance of the band.
Recorded at Shangri-la Studios in Lexington, KY under the guiding hand of engineer Duane Lundy (Ben Sollee, Jim James, Vandaveer, These United States), Myths & Routines is the newest revision for this revisionist bluegrass band, one that may end up meeting the folk-leaning indie rock world somewhere in the middle.


Myths & Routines (2012)
Appalachian Trail (2008)
Anywhere Else? (2005)
Blind Corn Liquor Pickers (2004)

Set List

Anywhere from 1~3 sets, lasting from 1~4 hours.


Slash and Burn
Field Cred
Bad Tom Smith
Lost Soul
River of Blazing Bourbon
Eyes of Dawn
The Ballad of Cornbread Moses
Hi-Ball on a Roll-by
Post Office Blues
Little Enis
Xmas in the Holler
Sleeping at the Wheel
Ridin the Dirty Dog
many more...


Once in a Lifetime (Talking Heads)
Dang Me (Roger Miller)
Can't Stop Now (Newgrass Revival)
20 Flight Rock (Stray Cats)
White Freightliner (Townes Van Zandt)
Enormous inventory of bluegrass standards.