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"Striving to make the big time"

Striving to make the big time

Blind Dog Circus rocked Toronto Opera House, will play main stage at Sudbury's Summerfest

Brought together by their passion for music, the boys of Blind Dog Circus are prepared to do whatever it takes to make their mark on the music world, even if it means driving 16 hours a day.

With more than just making millions on their minds, Timothy Grant, Mike Blais, Cory Jobin and Charlie Power have managed to accomplish more in that past 18 months than most bands do in a lifetime.

Together, the band has made their first CD, "Act 1," released their first video for the single "Monster in Me," gotten involved with a good cause and played their dream gig.

What more could a few guys from Northern Ontario ask for? A lot actually.

With so much accomplished already, the guys are encouraged to do more.

They share the dream most musicians dream -- to get rid of the day job and play full time.

"We're all committed to doing something real," said lead singer Grant.

What started out as two bands, eventually became one in late 2006.

It was Grant who came up with the name Blind Dog Circus, as a way to label the way some people live, wasting time and money on the unimportant and not living life to the fullest.

"Some people are running around like blind dogs in a circus trying to get ahead," Grant said.

In addition to writing deep, personal lyrics combined with good sound, the band has done their homework. They have learned the ins and outs of the business side of the industry.

Proving knowledge is power, the band has been able to play shows across the province and get their name and sound out there.

Some may say it would be easier for the band to pack it up and move south instead of staying isolated in the North, but Grant said moving isn't all that easy either.

"We have a pretty good fan base here," he said, "and it's nice to have that."

Recently, the band was able to play at Toronto's famous Opera House. It is the same venue played by international stars such as Eminem, James Taylor and Nirvana.

"I couldn't believe I was standing in the same spot as so many of my heroes have," said Grant.

"We all felt that way," added Power.

While that show may have been a pinnacle point for the band, they are confident bigger and better things are on the way.

Already the group has played for a number of record labels and is preparing for next week's Summerfest in Sudbury.

Blind Dog Circus will find itself on the festival's main stage and on the roster with some of the music industry's biggest names including Finger Eleven, State of Shock and Kardinal Offishall.

"It's probably the biggest crowd we've ever played in front of," said Grant.

"And to be around these other guys, they have all this experience."

The band has also taken the time to give back. Contacted by Mind Your Mind -- a web-site aimed at helping youth dealing with stress, drug addition and mental illness -- the band sat down for an interview. It can be viewed at

In addition to expressing its views on drug addiction, the band is giving up 100 per cent of the proceeds from digital downloads of their single "Monster in Me" for Mind Your Mind.

Blais said it's a win-win situation.

The organization receives much needed funding, while people are encouraged to listen to their music.

"They pretty much came to us because some of our songs touch on those issues," Blais said.

While they're not yet at the point where they can give up their nine-to-fives, they're willing to stick out the day trips to Toronto until that time comes.

"You have to be surrounded by people who support and believe in you," said Blais.

Power said the band is dedicated to moving forward.

"We've all been playing music for years," he said. "It's something we love, so that helps."

The band is currently in the writing stage of its next album and hopes to be in the studio soon.

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Blind Dog Circus has earned a strong reputation for an entertaining and hard hitting live performance. It's no wonder their growing fan base has developed so quickly in their young career. With the release of their first demo album, titled 'Act 1', the band was able to create an original sound with aggresive melodies. Soon after came the release of their first single 'Monster In Me', accompanied by a professional music video recorded at CBC studios in Toronto, ON. The music video now has over 30,000 plays on youtube and climbing every day.

Any Venue would benefit from the band's years of experience that they have gained by playing a lot of shows, including numerous festivals. They have now shared the stage with many bands including Faber Drive, State of Shock, ill Scarlett, High Holy Days, Cold Driven and many more. Hard work and perseverance continues to be key on their path to success. Blind Dog Circus is now looking toward their bright future. As they record their second effort with an award winning producer, this four piece are more determined than ever to reach all of their goals.

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not starting, and not going all the way.” - Buddha