"Oblivious and Content is a hit", Mike Roth, Big Bold Sun Music and 13 Years A&R at Sony Music Canada Entertainment Lawyer, Chris Taylor, of Sanderson Taylor, is currently shopping Blinded


As one of the most successful and popular independent acts of the BC Interior, Blinded’s high energy alternative rock, has carved its niche and hit a nerve with fans who live and breathe the extreme games lifestyle.

With two cd’s released and over 7,000 units sold, Blinded’s music is featured on the soundtrack of over twenty extreme videos: wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking, snowmobiling and dirtbiking - which have a worldwide distribution including Japan, Europe, Australia and North America. The weekly Outdoor Life Network show, ‘The Drop In’, uses Blinded’s music for their them song and as background synch for their feature stories.

Extensive cross Canada touring and playing shows with such international bands as the Ataris, Goldfinger, the Suicide Machines, and Story of the Year, Blinded’s live show has been key in the rapidly expanding fan base.

Recently teaming up with Smash Productions, Blinded’s sound has evolved into inspired guitar driven alternative rock, with melodic vocals, intelligent lyrics and unforgettable chorus’. If you love to wakeboard, snowboard, skateboard, mountain bike, or just love driving music, then Blinded’s provides the soundtrack for you life.


Oblivious and Content

Written By: Blinded

Lies, truth it's all the same, Justice has no shame
The path is paved, and no one takes the blame
Sleep, oblivious and content, on time that seems well spent
Breath it in until theres nothing left

Beyond the walls there is much more, I wonder what they're waiting for
You're one of us you're one of them, just close your mind and lock the doors
What if it's not just empty space? What if our cards we're never played?
What if the stars sealed our fate? What do you want from me?

I could have been an honest man, could have been a liar
But it never seemed to matter anyways
Cause in our dreams and memories, the world is so much brighter
but how will our debts be paid?

Hide from every word thats said, take comfort in our friends
Reaching out trying to make amends
Fantasies, perfect souls and ghosts, things we treasure most
we lock away what we dont want to know

We walk a thin line clutching hope, we've got it all under control
We separate to feel as one, relax with all that we've become


The pride of a different kind, all will show in time
Who'll see the sign, and who'll be left behind

Fight For You

Written By: Blinded

I dont know if you feel it anymore,
Is there a warmth in the things that I adore?
I felt her fire just ignite in me that day,
And I just wish you could all just feel the same.
You never thought about the way it always could be,
You never understood that she was crying to me
Youre playing God again, and youre just watching her break
Well, I feel the love and Im not alone.

Wholl take the wheel, wholl make a stand,
(Ill fight for you, Ill fight for you)
I wont give up, Ill take that chance
(Ill die for you, Ill die for you)
When they dont feel a thing at all,
(Ill fight for you, Ill fight for you)
Wont turn my back, wont let you fall, or give you up.

I feel your love when you shine on me this way,
I know you hope we can learn to save this place,
A lesson learned but weve burned right from the start,
Before you know youll be just a lifeless star.
If all ever have can be taken away, then all we ever had can be put back in place.
And now we wont take yes for an answer again.
Theyll fade away, theyll walk alone.


We can stand up on our pedestal,
And stare down at them from the sky,
Wont rest until we have it all.
Walk away and hold our head up high,
You lied to save me from the pain.
You lied to save yourself but,
While you suck the life out from under me. Weve all been overshadowed now well see

Who will watch the road when we lose track
Who will fill their pockets full of sand

Chorus (x 2)

I wont let the waves extinguish your fire.
I wont let the light be drained from your eyes,
When the others try to buy your soul
Realize that I will never let you go.
I wont forget all the times you bled for me
As you watched us pollute the air we breathe.
As we approach the end of time,
Ill never say goodbye.

How Will I Recover

Written By: Blinded

A last goodbye, I swore Id never leave your side.
We took our chances and you never asked me why.
And now this face, wiped the slate of our best days,
Carved in stone, and well never be the same.

When were on our own, (X 3)

How will I recover, from this disease?
How will you recover, from knowing me?
An artificial lover, isnt what you need.
How will you recover from knowing me?

My love left behind, an empty wave, no eye contact.
One white lie, and I know you wont be back.
This falling star, left with nowhere else to go,
This falling star, knows hes better off alone.

When were on our own, (X 3)


We bleed on the inside, like we bleed on the outside.
Well feel for the last time, and all this time Im the only one to blame.
We bleed on the inside, like we bleed on the outside.
Well feel for the last time, and all this time Im the only one to blame.



Picking Up The Pieces -Debut Independent release - 2500 units sold
PHD Distribution
Seconds From Reality - Independent release
5000 units sold
PHD Distribution

Global Television Advertising Campaign - used Blinded's music for a 30 second ad can be seen at

Movie Soundtracks/Extreme Vids

The Circus - MTB
Back in the Saddle - MTB
Run For Your Life - MTB
Liquid Courage - Extreme Games
Descension - MTB
Numb - Extreme Games
DIP - Extreme Games
Champion Visions - Snowboarding Japan
Milkmen 7 - MTB
Rampage - MTB
Quick & Dirty - MTB
Reflection - Snowboard
New World Disorder IV
Ride the Lightning - MTB
Grean Tea - Surf Video Australia


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