Blind Image plays from the heart and leaves everything they have on the stage. With their charismatic stage presence, they fill you up with emotion before you exit the venue. We leave you wanting more. If you don't believe that, then we dare you to come join us.


We are a group of guys that come to you from the heart of the midwest in Indiana! Blind Image is set apart from other bands by all of their different flavors of music blending into one beautiful sound! Blind Image is influenced by all of their fans and every crowd that they play in front of whether it be 2,000 or 20. Originating in Crawfordsville, Indiana, Blind Image has been around for almost four years. It all start with the lead singer and guitar player Justen's song writing. He then teamed up with long-time friend Tyler who added in his #1 drums in the state! It wasn't long before Zac came into the picture and added his unique and catchy lead guitar. The band signed with Simply Complicated Records and Simply Complicated Productions in early November 2007. The first move under the new label was to audition bass players. Dan joined Blind Image in early December 2007 and ended the creation stage and began the stage of fame for Blind Image.


We are currently recording our new EP under our new label Simply Complicated Records.