Blind Mule

Blind Mule

 Hamilton, Ontario, CAN

Blind Mule is a hi-energy alt country-boogie-pop-ska-jam band that have played many festivals and toured countless times throughout Canada since 2007.


Blind Mule has progressed from many musical directions since their inception in 2007, and their music has evolved from a folk roots duo, to a diverse sounding quintet, revolving around alt-country boogie, which dives into progressive pop, throws in a dash of reggae/ska, and live, rounds it out with many jams and an energetic stage performance, creating a recipe that keeps the dance floor alive and the music fresh.

As a band that escaped death while on tour in a sudden snow fall in BC, while going down steep mountains with worn out tires, or having toured in a minivan with 7 people for 2 months at a time, or travelling for 6000 km with a intermittently, next to broken transmission, due to lack of funds while on the road, whatever it took to get to the next gig, Blind Mule have always been about the adventure of bringing their music to the people.

After touring the country countless times, BM has played many types of showcases, including the ‘Northern Lights Festival Boreal’ sharing the stage with the likes of Joel Plaskett and Serena Ryder, or a hippy commune house party, where they played 7 sets of music til the wee hours of the night, to playing in a parking lot in a native community in Northern Ontario opening for Trooper, or experiencing the magic of the Artswells Festival in Northern BC, where the whole festival takes over the small town of Wells.

Blind Mule has been touring for 6 years throughout Canada, and are only now releasing their self/titled debut EP in January 2013, and on this introduction album, two of the songs, ‘Who is Gonna Pay’ and ‘Not Your Home’ (featuring Coco Love Alcorn), were produced early on in the beginnings of BM, which evolves into a bigger band sounding album, with ‘Day I was Born’, ‘Firehouse’, and ‘Bend it’, to our last additional song, ‘Pickin up your Feet’, featuring our keyboardist as the secondary lead vocalist in the band.


Blind Mule - S/T (Jan 2013 Release)

Set List

The Ghost of Caroline
Who is Gonna Pay for this
The Day I was Born
Not Your home
Doe See Doe
Dr Crippin
The Thin Line
Bend it like the week-end
Collar up

Duration: 45 minutes - 1 hour

NOTE: this is only one of our sets, since we have
a bunch of different sets we use for Blind Mule.