Orlando, Florida, USA

Screaming grooving ear worms with cold razor lyrics


The members of BlindSight have been making music together in one capacity or another for well over 20 years. It's current incarnation developed as a recording outlet for songwriter Charles Schwien's compositions- Brian Seachrist brought a playful but powerful interpretation to the often intricate lyrics, while Keith Varney's blistering lead guitar licks added some definitive power and edge.The result is genre-busting funkified singable poetry that manages to be both esoteric and humorous (and that's just the guitar solo!).

An indicative quote:

"I'm not sure which I'm more opposed to: the notion that music is some sacrosanct endeavor that has to be treated with self-indulgent reverence, or that it's just candy- empty calories to be quickly consumed and forgotten. It's both, and neither. I look at songwriting as playing a game of "got-your-nose" with a half-grown bear. It can be a lot of fun, and it can also leave you with a lot of scar tissue." - Charles Schwien


Caution Devil (2006)
Exit Wounds (2012)*

*September 2012 release