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The Revelstoke Current
If you think rock is dead you’re missing the Blind Spot
July 27, 2009 By David F. Rooney

Marty and Wanetta Stroo, Kaylee Knecht, Leslie Wilkins and Heidi Bender are Blind Spot.

Anyone who thinks rock is dead is missing the Blind Spot. This band of five talented local musicians has just published a new CD, Past Lives, — recorded at Revelstoke’s Snowstorm Studios and manufactured in the Big Eddy (how local is that!) — and will be performing live at the Glacier Challenge Softball tournament this weekend.

This seven-song CD features Kaylee Knecht on lead vocals, Marty Stroo on lead guitar, Wanetta Streo on rhythm guitar, Leslie Wilkins on drums and Heidi Bender on bass guitar. The lyrics for all of the songs were written by Wanetta Stroo while the music for three of the songs — I Beg, Emerald Eyes and Thoughts of You — was composed by Bender and the music for the rest — Drink of Mine, Heavy Sigh, Unfaithful and Private Prison — was written by Marty Stroo.

This is semi-heavy rock that I found reminiscent of the 1990s band, Grant Lee Buffalo, and in a few places oddly enough, King Crimson. The lyrics are intelligent and Knecht’s voice is deep with craving, particularly in I Beg. Toss in a dash of Wolfmother and a sprinkling of Foo Fighters and you’ve got Blind Spot. Well, there’s a lot more to it than that, of course.

“We spent the first year in the basement honing our sound before we took it to the stage,” Wanetta says.

That was four years ago and since then they have been building a following. LIsten to this CD, particularly (for me at least) songs like Drink of Mine and Thoughts of You, and you’ll see why. The lyrics are smart, the vocals are throaty, with just the right touch of rawness, and the beat is steady and driving.

If you’ve never heard Blind Spot before you might be forgiven for thinking they are an all-chick band. They do have a token male, lead guitarist Marty Stroo, who is also the most experienced musician of the bunch having played on the road for several years. The rest of the band members are, judging by the sound of this CD, very competent and well-rehearsed musicians.

Jumping from playing the local bar scene to a larger venue like the Glacier Challenge Tournament, which is almost as much about music and beer as it is softball, is a big step for Blind Spot. And is is one I am sure they’ll savour. And judging by the quality of the music on Past Lives, their performance will be one people at the post-game concert at Centennial Park will really enjoy, too.

- Revelstoke Current - David Rooney

Local band will rock Kokanee Challenge
By Melissa Jameson - Revelstoke Times Review
Published: July 28, 2008 6:00 PM

Local band Blind Spot spent an entire year rehearsing before they braved their first gig.
“It was at Bacardi Days in 2006,” said lead vocalist Kaylee Knecht. “We just started with one set. It was
nerve racking.”

Drummer Leslie Wilkins was also nervous.“For me it was nerve racking but exciting at the same time,” she said.
When the band finally took the stage, the audience was so surprised they stood on the dance floor with their
jaws wide open.

“I think they were expecting the Dixie Chicks or something,” said rhythm guitarist Wanetta Stroo.
Instead they got a little dose of a group of women - and one guy - who can rock the musical gambit.
“We play everything from Aretha to Metallica and beyond,” said lead guitarist Marty Stroo. “We play
everything from heavy rock to funk.”
But even playing covers, the band likes to add their own twist.
“We like to take some of the older songs like Respect and These Boots Are Made For Walking and really turn
the distortion up,” said Wanetta.

And, since bassist Heidi Bender joined the band just over a year ago, the five musicians have also begun
writing their own songs.

“We didn’t start writing our own stuff until Heidi joined the band,” said Marty, who spent a number of years
performing in bands and travelling across Canada. “I had to convince these guys it’s about having fun. People
think songwriting is a mystical thing, but it’s not.”

For Blind Spot songwriting is a group effort - with Wanetta currently writing the lyrics.
“Someone will start with a melody, either Heidi or Marty and we’ll go from there,” said Wanetta.

Getting together to rehearse and work on song development can sometimes be a challenge for the band - all
five members work full time jobs.
“My schedule kind of dictates when we can get together,” said Heidi, whose job has her working two weeks
of nights followed by two weeks of days.
The summertime also adds to difficulty in scheduling rehearsals.
“Everyone takes holidays or they’re working longer hours, but you make it work,” said Wanetta.

Blind Spot is also working on recording a CD.
“We hope to have it recorded by the year’s end,” said Wanetta.

Blind Spot will perform live at the Kokanee Glacier Challenge this Friday, Aug. 1 at 9:30 p.m. Wrist bands
can be purchased at the beer gardens - please note that this is a 19 years and older only event.

Blind Spot will also perform at Grizzly Plaza Aug. 23 and at The Regent Aug. 29 and 30.
You can find the band online by visiting

Blind Spot rock out during last year’s Kokanee Glacier Challenge. The local band will take the stage at the
Kokanee Challenge again this Friday at 9:30 p.m. performing their twists on covers such as Respect and
Photo courtesy Alice Weber
- Revelstoke Times Review


EP - "Past Lives" released 2009
"Emerald Eyes" receives regular airplay locally on CKCR FM.
EP gets streaming airplay on IM radio.
Our song "Heavy Sigh" has been played over 3,000 times on



Blind Spot Rockin’ Bio

Blind Spot may be pretty but they sure don’t rock that way!!

Blind Spot is a 5 piece hard rockin’ band hailing from Revelstoke B.C. that is fronted by the powerful, dynamic and energetic young vocalist Kaylee Knecht. She can belt out the lyrics with incredible force and power, to keep you spellbound for the entire performance, while the drummer, Leslie Wilkins weaves sweet melodies to form beautiful and strong harmonies.

The band came together in April 2005, and spent the first year in the basement honing their sound before they took it to the stage. Bassist Heidi Bender joined the band in late 2006, which was when the band really gelled and the originals began to flow.
They have been touted as being an “all girl band” when in fact they do have the token male! If not for Marty Stroo’s experienced leadership and awe inspiring solo’s Blind Spot would not have been born and become what they are today.
They now have their first CD “Past Lives”. Wanetta Stroo the rhythm guitarist wrote the lyrics and the melodies came from Marty Stroo and Heidi Bender. Everyone contributed to the creative process until they were happy with the result.
The CD from start to finish was done in the Stroo’s basement in Revelstoke with Marty wearing the many hats it took to make the CD a reality. This was a new and exciting learning experience for Marty and he is happy with the result and looks forward to making the next CD even better with the knowledge that was gained. And yes Marty and Wanetta are married.

The bands ages range from 26 to 51, which is why they have such an interesting and eclectic musical pallet. They all have a love for music and a need to rock!

Blind Spot can be found at and Facebook.