Blind Spot

Blind Spot


High energy rockin' band with 4 girls & 1 lucky guy. Awesome, powerhouse lead singer who can kill Aretha Franklin 1 minute & Metallica the next! We play the songs all guy bands want to do but can't sing. Very tight musically - we've played many gigs over the last 5 years - always to rave reviews


Blind Spot Rockin’ Bio

Blind Spot may be pretty but they sure don’t rock that way!!

Blind Spot is a 5 piece hard rockin’ band hailing from Revelstoke B.C. that is fronted by the powerful, dynamic and energetic young vocalist Kaylee Knecht. She can belt out the lyrics with incredible force and power, to keep you spellbound for the entire performance, while the drummer, Leslie Wilkins weaves sweet melodies to form beautiful and strong harmonies.

The band came together in April 2005, and spent the first year in the basement honing their sound before they took it to the stage. Bassist Heidi Bender joined the band in late 2006, which was when the band really gelled and the originals began to flow.
They have been touted as being an “all girl band” when in fact they do have the token male! If not for Marty Stroo’s experienced leadership and awe inspiring solo’s Blind Spot would not have been born and become what they are today.
They now have their first CD “Past Lives”. Wanetta Stroo the rhythm guitarist wrote the lyrics and the melodies came from Marty Stroo and Heidi Bender. Everyone contributed to the creative process until they were happy with the result.
The CD from start to finish was done in the Stroo’s basement in Revelstoke with Marty wearing the many hats it took to make the CD a reality. This was a new and exciting learning experience for Marty and he is happy with the result and looks forward to making the next CD even better with the knowledge that was gained. And yes Marty and Wanetta are married.

The bands ages range from 26 to 51, which is why they have such an interesting and eclectic musical pallet. They all have a love for music and a need to rock!

Blind Spot can be found at and Facebook.


EP - "Past Lives" released 2009
"Emerald Eyes" receives regular airplay locally on CKCR FM.
EP gets streaming airplay on IM radio.
Our song "Heavy Sigh" has been played over 3,000 times on

Set List

We play three 50 - 60 min. sets per night. Our sets are mostly covers with some originals included. We can also do a set of originals if the gig calls for it.


Joker and the Thief - Wolfmother
The Pretender – Foo Fighters
Wild flower – The Cult
What I Got – Sublime
I Wanna be Sedated – Ramones
Harder to breathe – Maroon 5
Steady as She Goes – Raconteurs
Numb – Holly Mcnarland
Tweeter and the Monkey man – The Headstones
Hot blooded – Foreigner
Fly away – Lenny Kravitz
Celebrity Skin – Hole
Zombie – The Cranberries
Respect – Aretha Franklin
These Boots Are Made For Walking – Nancy Sinatra
Mother Mother – Tracey Bonham
White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
Neighbor – Ugly Kid Joe
White Wedding – Billy Idol
Still Got This Thing For You – Alannah Myles
Living After Midnight – Judas Priest
Love Myself Today – Bif Naked
Magic Man – Heart
What’s Up – Four Non Blondes
Get Over It –