Blind Strike

Blind Strike

 Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

WE kind of have a 90's grunge, bluesy rock feel, with some reggae and punk influence as well. It's hard to put a finger on EXACTLY what we sound like, we all have influences ranging from death metal to the blues.


Cody and Mason have been playing together for about a year and a half and were in a project called Vydle, but with the recent addition of bassist Dan Sanborn, they transformed into Blind Strike. Blind Strike has been a band for about 3 months now and has been playing shows around the Northern Colorado area since they formed. Their music consists of rock, punk, reggae, blues, and metal influences so it's kind of a challenge to place them into one category of music, though many of their songs have a 90's rock feel to them. One thing that sets Blind Strike apart from other bands is the energy level they have, after several shows the band is often complimented on how much energy they produce with just the 3 of them. Blind Strike has only been a band for a few months, but they are here to stay!


Currently in the works of mastering some of our songs.

Set List

Currently around a 35 minute set.
1. Reap the Benefit
2. Break Through
3. Rape Me (Nirvana cover)
4. Falling In
5. Kill Myself
6. Molly's Lips (Cover)
7. Restless Soul
8. Rap jam
9. Cody's song