Blind Tiger

Blind Tiger


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...and i dreamt of places i had never seen

Written By: Charles Frisbie

grey city smoke, church steeples
her brick wall arms
leave me outside
for the wolves and the gypsies

and don't call me for help
from outside of milwaukee
oh kid didn't you know
from now on, you're on your own

wake up get dressed
and i'll be gone
you look like a ghost
breathing in the streetlights

they cut me up inside
no releif
from expectations and my broken face

i need a freight train to take me away from here
oh kid din't you know? this part you do alone

don't call me
so skinned up and lonely
i can't sleep in winnetka tonight
in between the highways

grow up and move to the country
marble counter tops
and the weight
of an empty house

there's no hope for you if you can't make it on your own
i need a freight train to take me away from here

i stand outside of my childhood home
and count the cracks in the ground
and count the cracks in my face
all these nights locked up inside me
there is nothing in between me and the sky

so stupid skinned up and pulled apart
oh it'd be so easy to let a freight train take me

it's the ghostly sound
of a glass breaking
it's the ghostly sound
of my back breaking

there's no one around
to see these white washed shores
there's no one around
my heart sinks like a stone