Blind Tiger, Tiger

Blind Tiger, Tiger


Melodies that lodges in your gut more firmly than a colony of hookworms.


"Almost as good as Katherine McPhee for cooking up wicked-cool Bedazzler patterns" - Mark Abraham, Cokemachineglow.

Blind Tiger, Tiger was formed when former members of shoegaze outfit Storyboard decided to stop playing music that makes you look at your feet and start writing songs that ask you to meet the world at eye-level.

The band specializes in explosive pop warm enough to melt the dirt-crusted snow of their local Edmonton. Guitars, keyboards, cello, and glock, intertwine to support oh-so-trendy boy-girl vocals that tell stories of evangelical preachers gone astray, unhappy serial killers, and the death of the last polar bear.

Blind Tiger, Tiger's idiosyncratic self-recorded demo caught the ears of promoters in Austin, Texas and snagged the band an invitation to SXSW, as well as a spot on Soundcheck Magazine's "100 Reasons to Love 2007" list alongside acts like Okkervil River, Spoon, and Vampire Weekend. Blind Tiger, Tiger was the only band without an official release that made the list.

Blind Tiger, Tiger has just finished recording a five-song EP with Edmonton art and media wizard Eric Cheng (Spreepark, Hills Like White Elephants, Portraits) to be released June 13, 2008. A tour supporting the EP is scheduled for late June and early July and includes performances at the Sled Island Festival and the Saskatoon Jazz Fest.


What the Hammer? What the Chain? EP, 2008
1. Twist the Sinews
2. Pastor Haggard finds True Love
3. The Red List
4. 1950 DA
5. Schoolyard Games

Here & Noun Compilation, 2008
• Pastor Haggard Finds True Love

Wilkommen In Spreepark Compilation, 2008, Champion City Records
• Hotel Spreepark
• Die Spreepark Falle
• Theme D'Olympique
• We're Reinventing Music
• Spreepark Jetzt

Set List

Blind Tiger, Tiger typically plays a 35 - 50 minute setlist consisting of the following songs:

Twist the Sinews
Pastor Haggard
The Red List
My Bumblebee Friend
Atheism Catechism
Anna Karenina
1950 DA
Schoolyard Games