Torsås, Kalmar, SWE

Moment - Fiddle - Light - Nyckelharpa - Presence - Voices - Power! Meet Blink, four women from five countries creating new Nordic folk in the sensitive and powerful ensemble playing of two strings and two voices.


The four young women in Blink has taken their audiences like a storm, since their start in September 2009. With blood, sweat, tears and above all love they explore the bare naked ensemble playing of two strings and two voices, taking Nordic contemporary folk to unheard universes. Blink´s mixture of traditional music from the North/Baltics and their own compositions blends together naturally in a sound oozing of surprisingly groovy power. With a stage performance radiating of feeling and humour they evoke both laughing, crying and dancing amongst their listeners. Young but experienced world travelling artists, these four women together travel the North and are aiming at the stars!


Debut album "Blink" release on the 29th of May 2011

Set List

One or two sets, total time: appr 1 h 30 min.

1. Kom lunkom / Polska från Hvetlanda ur Wallmans samling (trad. from Sweden / arr. Blink)
2. Herr Lager (Gustaf Fröding / Emilia Amper)
3. Solo Johanna, Labajalg (trad. from Estonia)
4. Solo Jullie, Kvede/Pols (trad. from Norway)
5. Polska efter Sven Donat (trad. from Sweden / arr. Blink)
6. Duo Jullie and Lotta, Ballad (trad. from Denmark / arr. Hjetland and Hagfors)
7. Maria, Pohjan Neito (Lotta Hagfors)
8. Solo Emilia, Slängpolska (trad. from Sweden)
9. Solo Lotta, Joik (trad. from Finland)
10. Miss You Song (Jullie Hjetland, arr. Blink)
11. Læsø Waltz and Polka (trad. from Denmark, arr. Blink)
12. Shoeprints / Autumn Leaves (Jullie Hjetland / Johanna-Adele Jüssi, arr. Blink)
13. Lullaby (text H.C. Andersen)
14. Hiljainen Kylätie / Kuu Moon (trad. from Finland, Johanna-Adele Jüssi, arr. Blink)
15. Encore: Samba / Isadoras land (Vreeswijk / Amper, arr. Blink)