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Abstract Audio Activism is the name of my album, as well as a description of my style of HIP HOP. Everything from my subject matter to my flow, voice, and sampleLESS original beats exist only to expand musical horizons instead of following trends that degrade my people. Yet, my sound is still fun.


I make my own beats, write my own rhymes, and sell my own albums. Currently, I'm establishing a club circuit, for myself and others to showcase our talents regularly. This will increase sales and build our reputations, as well as sharpen our performance skills.

My style isn't always radio-friendly, but that just means that I don't fit into the corporate box of what these rich non-musicians think the music should sound like. That's more than fine with me. I represent the people, by givin' them somethin' to bounce to, as well as enlighten and/or express emotions to those who listen a little deeper. Sometimes, I get personal, or passionate with my lyrics, other times find me goofy or sexual. I'm honest everytime though, even if I'm just expressing fantasies or being science fictional. You'll know what I mean when you take a listen (hint to check it out right now).


Introduction 2 Bliphop [1999] single
Abstract Audio Activism [2004] album

Set List

I never cover songs. My set ranges from any of the 18 songs on my album, and my choices will depend on the vibe of the crowd. If the energy is high, I'll do "FU," "Origin of Kwaaze X. Jamerias," "Gatling Gun," "Afrotech," The Stressbuster," etc. If the vibe is mellow I'll give 'em "Distress Signal 4 My Future Wife," "Miss Celie," "Lyrical Flowers," or "Recovering." If the vibe is just right, I'll do "Ronin Song," "BU," "Eye Opener III", or "Love and Lose," etc.