Twisted rhythms, noise, alien soundscapes, and robotic vocal chanting resulting in high energy electronic music without compromise or constraints. Although a sound all its own, BlipVert might remind one of Venetian Snares, Aphex Twin, and Otto Von Schirach.


BlipVert is the moniker/pseudonym of Will Redmond
BlipVert has been featured on New York radio (WKCR) and New York electronic music events (e.g. Ontological Theatre's Noise Festival, SPLICE, Warper Party). BlipVert's debut CD, 'Triple Acid Foot,' has been reviewed as 'a clever masterpiece (' and 'twisted, warped drum machines squished through the sonic blender (NYC Downtown Music Gallery).' Will has performed as BlipVert all over the greater East and West Coasts, Europe, and Scandinavia, and has recieved airplay internationally as well as in the U.S.

BlipVert came to the forefront of Will's identity in Brooklyn, New York in a small room above an animal hospital in the winter of 2001. Will had been a fan of a wide variety of jazz, metal, thrash, progressive, and electronic music all his life. Graduating from New York University and earning his keep mostly as a teacher and guitarist in the greater New York area, Will became increasingly inspired to go his own way musically and spiritually. After acquiring a laptop and a small sampler and intently listening the likes of Squarepusher, the Future Sound of London, Aphex Twin, Skinny Puppy, Brian Eno, and Autechre Will set to work on creating his own personal brand of electronic music.

Wanting to capture the intense energy of his compositions, Will decided on choosing for himself the moniker BlipVert, a term he came across in an episode of the television series 'Max Headroom.' A Blipvert was a super-accelerated television advertisement that made certain people have seizures and eventually explode. The vibrant and often frustrating pace of life in New York City combined with Will's experience and practice of playing free jazz, metal, and aggressive improvisational music provided the perfect combination to bring forward a truly unique style of musical expression.

Will's 2005 BlipVert release, "Triple Acid Foot," is a solid electronic debut and the result of countless hours of editing, programming, and production. Will achieves an identifiable 'broken' rhythmic style that mixes in and out with all sorts of chaotic sound. An exciting and powerful CD, it provides a glimpse of what is yet to come.

A BlipVert live show is a completely different story altogether. In a live setting, the songs take on twisted lives of their own as Will constantly mixes and improvises, morphing his own work into bizzare structures that provide backdrops for jamming along with Nigerian udu drums, or loops that create entirely new compositions on the spot. Will is not simply an electronic musician that lets the laptop run. Inspired by the experimentation and daring of such jazz greats as John Coltrane and Charles Mingus, Will aims for a BlipVert concert to not only reflect the spirit of the music but the excitement and creativity of improvisation as well. Will also incorporates instrumental components into his sets, as he plays guitar (his primary instrument) and sometimes employs a drummer to add elements of free jazz and thrash prog freakouts to his sets.

Currently, Will lives in Oakland, California and has just released a new EP on Brooklyn's Trixy Records. In addition, a BlipVert single (Big Boy Slip) was released in July 2007 on the Dutch label Eat Concrete, alongside such artists as Daedelus and Low Res.

Will is planning for his second BlipVert release to be even better and more extreme than the first, expanding on his ideas of fractured dancefloor rhythms and instrumental jams a la the Ruins and Sun Ra.


New Deal Compilation - 2007 Eat Concrete
skr(ep) - Copyright 2007 - Trixy
Triple Acid Foot - Copyright 2005 - RA Sounds

Set List

A typical solo setlist usually involves a rough outline of songs that are themselves edited, remixed, and improvised upon during live performance. Songs are interspersed with looped vocal chants and improvisations. Guitar may be used to jam with the pre-recorded set material (a la Squarepusher) or to perform solo works. Sets usually last anywhere from 40 - 50 minutes, but can be shortened or lengthened depending on the venue and event at hand. For 'full' BlipVert live sets, live drums are intermixed within the electronic material. Please note that this is on rare occaisions only, most often, BlipVert sets are solo.