Tupelo, Mississippi, USA

Bliss is a high powered band that prides themselves on their lush vocals and tight musicianship. Bliss plays both originals and covers that span all genres of music.


Bliss is based out of Tupelo, MS and tours the southeastern United States playing various venues that include bars, festivals, private functions, and college campuses. Bliss' creative nature sets them apart from other bands and you can hear the difference in their original music. Some of their influences include artists such as Aerosmith, U2, Rascal Flatts, Journey, George Strait, Metallica, Tonic, and Bob Marley.


Let You Go

Written By: Shane Russell, Marty Swords, and Steve White

I've got your number, in my pocket
But I don't know if I should call,
Everybody tells me, that I should leave you alone
But when I see you walkin' by I just don't know

Now I'm thinkin' a million things
Goin' crazy , goin' insane,
And I don't know what I should do
I really need you to know.....
That I just can't let you go.

Well I'm just about ready, to leave you alone
I guess I'll get on up and walk on out that door
Wouldn't you know it, look who just walked on in
Those bright blue eyes have knocked me on the floor

Chorus: (x 2)

Now I just can't let you go, No I just can't let you go. No I just can't let you go, Baby I don't wanna let you go

Out of My Life

Written By: Greg Dillard/Shane Rowe

There’s not a day that goes by,
that I don’t think about you.
It seems your haunting memory,
ain’t gonna’ let up no time soon

What can I do? Tell me I don’t know
This should have been over a long time ago.
I toss and turn at night, there’s no need to fight
I’m ready to give in, there’s no way I can win.

You came and took your love away
This is the price that I must pay
But you left something behind,
You need to come back and get it.
It’s the one thing I don’t need
And it’s called your memory
You may be out of my life,
But you’re still not out of my mind.

I saw you just the other day
but that’s nothing new for me.
You see you’re in everything I do,
Why can’t you just set me free?

When I see the stars, when I hear the night,
When I feel the sun, up in the sky
I can see your smile, I can hear your voice.
I can feel your touch, the love in your eyes.

Chorus: (x 2)

You may be out of my life.


Written By: Shane Russell and Shad Hester

I been watchin you, I see your every move,
I can't even sleep at night,
The way you sway your hips, I love the way
you lick your lips,
You got me feeling so uptight,
I love the way you dress, even when
your hairs a mess,
You don't have to say a word,
You've got me mystified, your body's
got me mesmerized,
Ain't nobody like you on earth.

So I stutter when I call out your name,
I be charming but I'm goin insane,
Do I... just pretend that I don't feel anything,
My heart is knockin on your door for more.

You wear your jeans so tight,
I can see your panty line, even though it's just a string,
Baby you’re sex on legs,
Absolutely excellent,
I guess I love most everything.


Lead break

Chorus (Break Down)

Chorus (x2)


Uphill Battle (debut CD) 2006

Track 1: Sway
Track 2: Let You Go (on 98.5)
Track 3: Out of My Life
Track 4: Moving On
Track 5: The Train Stops Here
Track 6: Uphill Battle
Track 7: Just to See You
Track 8: All the Same to Me
Track 9: We Can Make It
Track 10: My Favorite Place

Set List

Bliss covers many different genres of music including Pop/Rock, Country, 80's Rock, Classic Rock, Funk/Dance, Top 40

Love Rollercoaster – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Your Love – The Outfield
Interstate Love Song – Stone Temple Pilots
Drift Away – Dobie Gray
You’re Amazing – Josh Kelly
Centerfold – J Giles Band
Mirror Mirror – Diamond Rio
Gin and Juice – The Gourds
Givin’ It Up – Delbert McClinton
Drive – Incubus
Magic Carpet Ride – Steppenwolf
Cuts Like A Knife – Bryan Adams
Semi-Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind
Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
You Never Even Call Me – David Allan Coe Watchtower – Dave Matthews Band
Long Train Running – The Doobie Brothers
Wish You Were Here – Incubus
Every Time I Roll The Dice – Delbert McClinton
Are You Gonna’ Go My Way – Lenny Kravitz
This Is How We Do It – Montel Jordan
What I Got - Sublime
Jesse’s Girl – Rick Springfield
Shaky Ground – Delbert McClinton
Kryptonite – 3 Doors Down
Champagne High – Sister